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As promised, here is the reunion photos however we are not finished with them as of yet.  We are in the process of sorting out who everyone is and writing captions for each picture.  Please feel free to browse through these pictures and bare with us as we correct the mistakes and comments as to who might be who and so on.   If you have a comment on any certain picture send it to


Pic 1- Dee Walker, Virginia Saiki
Pic 2- Rhonda Levin and her husband
Pic 3- Chris Horne & Sharilyn Janke
Pic 4- Claire Gervais with the camera
Pic 5- Claire Gervais & spouse David & Mark Ott (Sue Sietz’s husband)
Pic 6- Shari Janke’s husband, Shari Janke and Rhonda Levin
Pic 7- Kerry Morris & Fred Harvey
Pic 8- Martha Gilchrist, Allan, & Kerry Morris.
Pic 9- Doug Arnts & Jody Ismir to the right.
Pic 10- Rhone Levin & Julie Mjolsness
Pic 11- Della Boutrous, Jody Ismir & Terri Albrecht
Pic 12- Kelly Weigel, Linda Demke, Joe Dietrich, & Julie Mjolsness
Pic 13- Joe Dietrich, Julie Mjolsness, Linda Demke & Kelly Weigel
Pic 14- Jody Ismir
Pic 15- Jody Ismir & Bruce
Pic 16- Jody Ismir & Mary Wolf
Pic 17- Mary Wolf & Husband
Pic 18- Steve Leech
Pic 19- Laura Gulbrandson & Kaye Bibelheimer
Pic 20- Todd McKinnon & Mark Peltz
Pic 21- Terri Albrecht & Kaaren Chase
Pic 22- Deanne Walker, Tammy Rebel and Virginia Saiki
Pic 23- Scott Carlson & Chris Horne & his wife.
Pic 24- Kristi Backstrand & Debra Isaak
Pic 25- Rolf Eggers wife Suzanne
Pic 26- Jay Yeager, ? & Wendy Rios
Pic 27- Charlotte Beck & Tammy Schlinger
Pic 28- Tammy Schlinger & Charlotte Beck
Pic 29- Tammy Eckroth & Charlotte Beck
Pic 30- Debra Isaak
Pic 31- Fred Harvey & Scott Carlson
Pic 32- Randy St. Germain
Pic 33- Lance Bauer, Todd Zarfos & Randy St. Germain
Pic 34- Tammy Eckroth, Tammy Schlinger & Charlotte Beck
Pic 35- Kelly Soby & Randy St. Germain
Pic 36- Dave Bloiun (Claire’s husband)
Pic 37- Bruce Sanborn
Pic 38- Lance Bauer, Robin Middaugh & Doug Heidrich
Pic 39- Linda Demke, Jamie Keller and Kerry Morris
Pic 40- Delilah Wald & Spouse
Pic 41- Blaine Clausnitzer, Kelly Soby, Jamie Keller, Susan Seitz, Lauri Reed & Kristi Backstrand
Pic 42- Susan Seitz, Kelly Soby & Jamie Keller
Pic 43- Susan Seitz, Kelly Soby & Jamie Keller
Pic 44- ? & Sherri Nordstrom
Pic 45- Claire Gervais
Pic 46- Kelly Soby & Claire Gervais's husband David Blouin
Pic 47- Randy St. Germain & Kelly Soby
Pic 48- Randy St. Germain, Kelly Soby, Lance Bauer
Pic 49- Jamie Keller
Pic 50- Jamie Keller & Brian Driscoll, (Sheri Nordstrom’s husband)
Pic 51- Jamie Keller
Pic 52- Claire Gervais's husband David Blouin
Pic 53- Dave Blouin (Claire’s husband)
Pic 54- Sue Sietz, Rhonda Levin, and Lisa Ilse
Pic 55- Susan Seitz
Pic 56- Rolf Egger's wife
Pic 57- Brian Driscoll (Sheri Nordstrom's husband)
Pic 58- Claire Gervais's husband David Blouin
Pic 59- Kelly Soby
Pic 60- Kelly Soby & Sherri Nordstrom
Pic 61- Emptied chairs because of the Limberger cheese Claire Brought.
Pic 62- Chris Horne, Todd Zarfos & Doug Arnts
Pic 63- Paula Whitlock & Chris Horne
Pic 64- Terry Harris, Mike Duffey, Rodney Wetsch & his wife
Pic 65- Roxanne Delaney
Pic 66- Rodney Wetsch, Wendy & Mark Walker
Pic 67- Randy Roesler & Duane Jahner
Pic 68- Todd Zarfos & Lance Bauer
Pic 69- Randy St. Germain
Pic 70- Class of 1980 party crashers, Curt Abfalter (rear), and Mike Luger
Pic 71- Christine Luger, wife of Mike Luger
Pic 72- Joe Dietrich with camera, Mark Peltz, Linda Demke
Pic 73- Terry Harris & wife Kristi
Pic 74- Julie Mjolsness Lindstrom & spouse
Pic 75- Kelly Weigel Barak & spouse Jeff Barak
Pic 76- Joyln Wilson & Claire Gervais
Pic 77- Lori Ford, Elizabeth Loos & Martha Gilchrist
Pic 78- Tammy Eckroth
Pic 79- Tammy Eckroth
Pic 80- Tammy Eckroth & Tammy Schlinger
Pic 81- Crowd Shot
Pic 82- Scott Beierle, Delilah Wald, Dee Walker & Denise Rebel
Pic 83- Kerry Morris & Kelly Falconer
Pic 84- Jody Ismir, Jamie Keller & Linda Demke
Pic 85- Delilah Wald, Linda Demke & Kerry Morris
Pic 86- Crowd Shot
Pic 87- Paula Krein & Cheryl Weichel
Pic 88- Delilah Wald's husband Pat Jamison throws the camera a million dollar smile.
Pic 89- Rolf's wife and Brian Driscoll
Pic 90- Rolf's wife and Brian Driscoll
Pic 91- Basil Hipple & Donna Harris
Pic 92- Chris Horne, Scott Gefroh & Jean Dunn
Pic 93- Chris Horne & Scott Gefroh
Pic 94- Kelly Soby
Pic 95- Lance Bauer & Kelly Soby
Pic 96- Susan Seitz
Pic 97- Dave Blouin
Pic 98- Randy St. Germain, Sherri Nordstrom & Kelly Soby

Pic 99- Brian Driscoll and Dave Blouin

Pic 100- Sherri Nordstrom, Kelly Soby & Randy St. Germain
Pic 101- Camera Wars
Pic 102- Terri Albrecht & Mary Wolf - Camera Wars
Pic 103- Denise Rebel & Curt Friez
Pic 104- Alan Boutrous
Pic 105- Kelly Falconer, Alan Boutrous, Beth Loos
Pic 106- Kerry Morris caught off guard while Allan Boutrous receives a 20-year hug
Pic 107- "Who is this chick?" Allan Boutrous and Kaaren Chase
Pic 108- Crowd Shot
Pic 109- Jody Ismir
Pic 110- Donna Harris, her sister, and Dale Schmitck, (Barb Matejcek's husband)
Pic 111- Martha Gilcrest dozes off during a conversation with Robin Middaugh while an escaped convict looks on.
Pic 112- It's a camera, silly! Delilah Wald
Pic 113- Sure it tastes great. But I think it's less filling.
Pic 114- Group shot
Pic 115- Fred Harvey & Wendy Cleveland
Pic 116- And this is my parole card.
Pic 117- Basil Hipple, Wendy Rios & Phil Leer
Pic 118- Group therapy
Pic 119- Brian Driscoll and Dave Blouin
Pic 120- Brian Driscoll and Dave Blouin
Pic 121- Stephen Pflipsen
Pic 122- Terry Harris
Pic 123- Jay Yeager & Blaine Clausnitzer
Pic 124- Elizabeth Loos & Greg Johnson
Pic 125- Byron Weichel
Pic 126- Phil Leer, Julie Mjolsness, Steve Leech
Pic 127- 10-years of planning this thing and all I get is a beer and tiny plate of @#$* ooooooh!
Pic 128- Lance Bauer & Randy St. Germain
Pic 129- Babe Magnet
Pic 130- Blaine Clausnitzer
Pic 131- Lower Blaine Clausnitzer
Pic 132- How did you get out of organizing this party anyhow?
Pic 133- Curt Friez & Randy St. Germain
Pic 134- Denise Rebel, Curt Friez, Scott Carlson & Todd Zarfos
Pic 135- Dirk Kienzle
Pic 136- Rod Wetsch & Spouse
Pic 137- Scott Keller & Randy St. Germain
Pic 138- How big was it?
Pic 139- Kaye Biebelheimer & her husband Dave Knudson
Pic 140- Chris Horne, Mark Walker & Rod Wetsch
Pic 141- Chris Horne & Curt Friez
Pic 142- Babe Magnet
Pic 143- Rod Wetsch & Spouse
Pic 144- Blaine Clausnitzer & Michael Duffey
Pic 145- Terry Harris
Pic 146- Sherry Nordstrom, Sara Jensen & Brenda Buck
Pic 147- Blaine Clausnitzer, Tammy Eckeroth & Scott Beierle
Pic 148- Connie Hoovestal, Chris Grondahl, Scott Beierle, Blaine Clausnitzer, Leilani Balkowitsch & Terry Harris
Pic 149- Dan Raszler, Brenda Buck & Chris Horne
Pic 150- Allan Boutrous & Lisa Ilse
Pic 151- Jody Ismir, Spouse Bruce Lockwood & Eric Ormseth
Pic 152- Steve Leech & Eric Ormseth
Pic 153- Brenda Buck & Eric Ormseth
Pic 154- Susan Seitz & Blaine Clausnitzer
Pic 155- Kelly Soby, Jamie Keller & Susan Seitz
Pic 156- Eric Ormseth
Pic 157- Curt Abfalter 1980 graduate & Chris Grondahl

Bloody Mary Breakfast

Pic 1- Dan Raszler, Lance Bauer, & Randy St. GermainSeated is Kaye Bibelheimer
Pic 2- Claire Gervais, Kaye Bibelheimer & Jamie Keller
Pic 3- Claire Gervais, Kaye Bibelheimer & Jamie Keller
Pic 4- Randy Fischer, 
Pic 5- Lou Anne Leer, Phil Leer & Doug Arnts
Pic 6- Peacock Alley
Pic 7- Chuck Fritz husband of Sara Jensen, Jean Walton, Megan Gerboth and her husband Dean Affa
Pic 8- Claire Gervais, Terri Benson & Roxanne Delaney
Pic 9- Pat Jamison and Rod Wetsch
Pic 10- Jay Yeager
Pic 11- Blaine Clausnitzer
Pic 12- Kristy & Terry Harris
Pic 13- Dan Raszler & Jay Yeager

Ball Game

Pic 1- Lauri Reed, Charlotte Beck & Sharilyn Janke
Pic 2- David & Kaye (Bibelheimer) Knutson, Laurie Reed, Charlotte Beck & Sharilyn Janke
Pic 3- Sheri Nordstrom, Brodi Ott-Sue Sietz daughter, Sue Seitz, and Kelly Soby
Pic 4- Terri Benson
Pic 5- Blaine Clausnitzer & Lance Bauer
Pic 6- Lauri Reed & Randy St. Germain
Pic 7- The Team
Pic 8- back row: Randy Roesller, Randy St. Germain, Todd Zarfos, Terry Harris, Mark Ott(Sue Sietz’s husband) Rod Wetsch, Front Row: ? Bryon Weichel, Lance Bauer, Rhonda Levin, Darryl Heintz(Lisa Ilse’s partner) Terri Benson-the umpire
Pic 9- The Team

Banquet at the Radisson

Pic 1- Allan Boutrous & Stace Gendreau
Pic 2- Laura Gulbrandson & Allan Boutrous
Pic 3- Dan Raszler & Terri Benson
Pic 4- Kristy & Terry Harris
Pic 5- Rod & Tanya Wetsch
Pic 6- Jay & Lisa Yeager
Pic 7- Mike Duffey and his girlfriend Michelle
Pic 8- Rhonda Levin and her husband
Pic 9- Rolf Eggers, Lisa Ilse & Lance Haag
Pic 10- Terri Benson & Kaye Bibelheimer
Pic 11- Kaye Bibelheimer & Terri Benson
Pic 12- Kaye Bibelheimer with Husband David Knutson & Terri Benson
Pic 13- Terri Benson
Pic 14- Dan Raszler & Kaye Bibelheimer
Pic 15- Kristi Backstrand, Michele Gross & Pearl Thorndahl
Pic 16- Becky Gunsch,
Pic 17- Debbie Isaak, Laurie Reed, Kristi Backstrand & Michele Gross
Pic 18- Lauri Reed, Suesan Seitz, Claire Gervais & Sherri Nordstrom
Pic 19- Terri Albrecht & Scott Keller
Pic 20- Lori Ford and spouse John Moore
Pic 21- Robin Middaugh & Martha Gilchrist
Pic 22- Brad Jossart Spouse of Robin Middaugh
Pic 23- Kelly Weigel & Chris Grondahl

Wachter Reunion

Pic 1- Jay Yeager, Dirk Kienzle, Doug Thomas, Lance Bauer and Doug’s wife, Pam
Pic 2- Laura McDaniel
Pic 3- James Joyce & Jay Yeager
Pic 4- Crowd Shot
Pic 5- Crowd Shot
Pic 6- Crowd Shot
Pic 7- Crowd Shot
Pic 8- Shari Halbakken, Randy Roesler and his girlfriend
Pic 9- Terri Benson with a very special guest, Mr. Anderson our Phys Ed. teacher
Pic 10- Lauri Reed
Pic 11- Debbie Isaak
Pic 12- Terri Benson, Sharene Haux, Doug Thomas and his wife
Pic 13- Lance Bauer & Todd Zarfos
Pic 14- Dave Horner and Kristi Backstrand
Pic 15- Debbie Isaak
Pic 16- Denise Rebel & Curt Friesz
Pic 17- Sheri Nordstrom and her sisters
Pic 18- Monte Knudson and his wife
Pic 19- Doug Thomas & Kay Scott
Pic 20- Sharene Haux and Kathy Bailey
Pic 21- Wendy Rios talking with Randy Roesler & his girlfriend
Pic 22- Crowd Shot
Pic 23- Doug Thomas & Kay Scott
Pic 24- Tammy Eckeroth, Randy St. Germain & Charlotte Beck
Pic 25- Kathy Bailey, Dirk Kienzle and his wife
Pic 26- Crowd Shot
Pic 27- Lance Bauer, Kristi Backstrand & Todd Zarfos
Pic 28- Kathleen Bailey, Wendy Fuller, Vonnie Spier & Sheri Halbakken
Pic 29- Monte Knudson and Kay Scott
Pic 30- Paula Krein and Wanda Palenburg
Pic 31- Duane Jahner and Dan Raszler
Pic 32- Dirk Kienzle, his wife, Kathy Bailey, Char Beck
Pic 33- Dave Horner, Jay Yeager, Lance Bauer, Curt Frieze
Pic 34- Randy St. Germain
Pic 35- Connie Wiedrich, Curt Frieze, and Denise Rebel
Pic 36- Terri Benson, Duane Jahner his wife, JoyLnne, and Dan Raszler
Pic 37- Dan Raszler, Dave Horner, and Terri Benson
Pic 38- Dan Greinsteriner and Vonnie Spier
Pic 39- Wendy Rios, Kristi Backstrand, Tammy Eckroth, Char Beck, Ms. Vadnie, Kay Scott and Mr. Anderson
Pic 40- Randy St. Germian, Todd Zarfos, Doug Thomas, Lance Bauer, Jay Yeager