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Stuart Pfenning, 18 Died October 16, 1981

He was born July 3, 1963, in Bismarck, attended Wachter Elementary and Junior High Schools and graduated from Bismarck High School in May 1981. He was member of the Honor Society during his junior and senior high school years and inducted into the National Honor Society during his senior year. He was employed as a night stock clerk at Kirkwood Super Valu, Bismarck. He is survived by his parents, Darold and Marlys Pfenning, Bismarck; two sisters, Tammy and Lisa, both at home; and his grandparents, Mrs. Betty Graves and Mr andMrs. Henry Pfenning, all of Bismarck.

The first child of Darold and Maryls, Stuart was born July 3, 1963, a child filled with abundant energy and enthusiasm. Early his desire to help caused him to say, "Stuey do" which enabled the family to coin a nickname for him. As he grew, Stuart was concerned about his rate of growth, especially when younger sister, Tamara, grew taller. With time, growth came and he was deeply involved in all forms of physical activity. Water skiing, shooting baskets, roller skating, motorcycling were but a few of his many activities. He never gave up on the Vikings and was a devoted Yankee fan. As a child he would wrestle with sister, Lisa. He was close to his family, his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfenning and Mrs. Betty Graves, his uncles, aunts and cousins.

School was easy for Stuart. Before entering the old Wachter Grade School for first grade, he was able to read and write. He was a good student prior to his graduation from Bismarck High School. This spring he was inducted into the National Honor Society. Stuart was a considerate, sensitive person filled with a comical sense of humor and a constant kidder. He had many friends and was known by many. One of his friends and fellow worker at Super Valu died with him in the tragedy on a strange road in Minnesota on Friday.

Stuart knew who he was. Claimed as a child of God in Baptism, he grew and was nurtured, spiritually, in his home and through the ministry of his church. Early in the evening of October 16, Stuart was taken too soon from this life in the tragedy of the car accident. He leaves his parents, his sisters, his grandparents; he leaves, also, many good memories of love and joy. He shares now in the victory that waits us all in Christ Jesus.