The Bismarck High School Class of 1981 periodic update

Volume 4, April 2001
The count down is on…
have you made hotel reservations, found a sitter for your children while you are in Bismarck, and started an exercise program? See ya in three months!

Hi everyone,
This month our special guests are Corrine (McLean) Zerr and Duane Jahner. I thank you both very much for agreeing to be part of our newsletter! I certainly do appreciate it your willingness to participate!
Next month, Fred Harvey and one other classmate will be our special guests. Fred has made some big changes in his life since 1991, I think many of you will be very surprised. Watch for his interview to go online the first week in May.
In June watch for our ND preview. That newsletter will not only include the usual interviews and such, but will also be packed full of things to do while in Bismarck over July 4Th.
As always I am looking for volunteers for the in-depth interviews. You need not have a "exciting" life, be famous, have lots of zeros in your checkbook, be married, or any thing else for that fact. Our only requirement is that you must have been a classmate of ours at BHS.  I think you all qualify! If you are game, let me know, I would love to have you!
Once again, thank your Duane and Corrine! Lauri

"In-depth and Personal with … Duane Jahner
Name: Duane Jahner
Career/occupation: Retail Management/Store Manager of a Herberger’s store in Mankato, MN
Home: Janesville, MN
Family: Wife—JoyLynne Jahner
Son----Taylor Jahner
Daughter---Allex Jahner
Spouse’s occupation: Bank Loan Assistant
Greatest accomplishments: I guess I am proud of many of my professional as well as personal accomplishments. My wife and children are perhaps my greatest accomplishment as well as my prize possessions.
What do you have in your pockets: Very little. I had a quarter last week. This week I have some lint.
Fantasy (or reality) job: Retirement

Latest book you've read: "The Brethren" by John Grisham
Favorite music/musicians: I like many types of music but my son and I really appreciate and enjoy the music of "Matchbox 20". My daughter and I enjoy Pat Benetar.

Recommended movies
: The Matrix, Lethal Weapon movies, The Rock, The Patriot, Braveheart and Bad Boys. Many more although these are just a few that I enjoy watching.
Where have you traveled? As a family we have been in Florida, South Dakota, Iowa and Canada. JoyLynne and I have traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean
Favorite place to vacation? Any place you would recommend? I enjoy the Bahamas and or the Caribbean.
Favorite foods: Food in general
Pet peeves: People who lack common sense.
Memories of Bismarck (good ones): My years at Wachter Junior High. I didn’t realize it then but I look back and they were the best.
People you hope will be able to come to the reunion this summer? I hope that everyone will come. It’s been so long since I have seen most of you that I look forward to seeing and perhaps meeting everyone all over again.

"In-depth and Personal with …Corrine (McLean) Zerr",
Name: Corrine Ann (McLean) Zerr
Career/occupation: Veterinary Receptionist/Assistant
Home: Colorado Springs, Colorado, for 17 years
Family: Husband Dale, CHS class of ’82, for 17 years, and four daughters, Kayleigh-14 years old, Kristin-12 years old, Kendra-10 years old, and Karmen-7 years old. Additionally, we share our home with three dogs, Pongo (who is 10 years old this year!), Keta, and Rex-Q, and our kitty Max, (who is also 10 years old this year).
Spouse’s occupation: Construction carpenter…Started his own company, Northern Lights Construction, 2 years ago.
Greatest accomplishments: I would definitely say that my greatest accomplishments to date, are my four children. They are all smart, caring, and funny funny funny. They do great in school, care about how others feel, are compassionate to those less fortunate, love animals, and make us laugh. They are comediennes, and also love to perform. My sister loves to come over and just sit and watch them go!!!! .

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People whom you admire and why: Anyone who would put so much time and effort into putting together all the different parts of a reunion.
What do you have in your pockets: Blistik, as always, just like at BHS, several pens, my little cheat book full of my personally written veterinary wisdom, quarters, and some used needles…..I AM WEARING MY SCRUBS FROM WORK. I frequently accidentally bring home used medical supplies in my deep pockets!
Fantasy (or reality) job: Something in the medical field, because it is the most interesting. BUT I think sick people are so whiny! I lack enough compassion for a lot of hands-on medical jobs. I am interested in the E.M.T. training here in Colorado Springs, but want to wait till my youngest is further along in school, before I consider starting back to school myself, as the days are too short as it is.
Latest book you've read: "The Lion’s Game" By Nelson DeMille
Favorite music/musicians: I love old rock, new rock, and headbanger rock. Pink Floyd will always be my favorite band (and concert!). I love Stevie Ray Vaughn, and regret never seeing him perform. Eric Johnson has a beautiful way with a guitar as well. I also love to hear my kid’s school bands, and their choir performances.
Recommended movies: Armageddon, My Blue Heaven, Soul Food, The Lion King, Moonstruck.
Favorite cities and why? I am not a big fan of cities. Give me a campsite halfway up a mountain, anytime!
Where have you traveled? Not enough places, ask me again at the 30-year reunion!
Favorite place to vacation? Any place you would recommend? This will undoubtedly sound sappy to many of you…our favorite place to vacation: Bismarck, as we hardly ever make it back. Most of our families are there, as well as our oldest and dearest friends. I also deeply miss the easy availability of beaches in Colorado as compared to N.D. My kids think N.D. in the summertime is one step removed from Heaven! (They have never experienced the deep, dark winter there, obviously!)
Favorite foods: Just about anything I cook is good, I just don’t do much of it anymore, due to the ever-present time constraints, Green Chile with Pork, Rib Steak, my daughter’s Knoefle Soup (yes, she COOKS, too!), Dale’s Krautstreudel, Scampi, anything spicy!!!!!
Hobbies/second career: I love to read. I believe that I have ruined my eyes over this hobby. We love camping, gardening, and NASCAR. Our second job, I would have to say, would be the endless remodeling of our house that will NEVER be done.
What if any community service organizations are you involved with? Once upon a time, I volunteered endless hours at the children’s’ elementary school, then, Dale started his own business, and I had to get a paying job!!! I still miss the experience of helping there. I made some life-long friends! I have also fostered dogs through a rescue organization here in Colorado Springs.
Pet peeves: Artificial people. Judgmental people. If you have never walked in another’s shoes, you can never know the true depth of that person.
Memories of Bismarck (good ones): Sunsets over the Missouri.
Memories of BHS (good ones): Graduation, and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, that is truly a good memory! I spent so much quality time with good friends all through high school, I am having a difficult time selecting any one particular memory.
Favorite teachers at BHS and why: Tom Hessford, for his love of his subject, and his sense of humor when faced with the truth that Pink Floyd was winning the contest of attention that day!
Favorite high school hang-outs: River Road, the Desert, the Woodhouse Restaurant.
People you hope will be able to come to the reunion this summer? The people that I spent all that free time with in high school!!!!! It would be nice to see all my email buddies in person, too. I always look forward to seeing Mary Schmidt, I miss her in Colorado!!!


Basketball-For the second year in a row the Bismarck Demons boys basketball team are Class A State Champions! The big win came on March 10th against Fargo North with a score of 47-42!
(to read more about these stories go to www.ndonline.com, and see sports archives for March, 2001)

Monte Olmsted has recently accepted a new
position as the managing editor for the Minnesota
Real Estate Journal in Bloomington. The magazine covers the real estate industry in the state and Monte will be responsible for editing, planning, writing, laying out and designing pages for the magazine.
Congratulations Monte!

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Steve Harris the father of Terry Harris
and the father-in-law of Lisa Wachter Harris
recently passed away. Lisa is married to
Terry’s brother Bruce, better known as Bruno.
Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers.

Penny Rodenkirck’s mom also recently passed away. Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers also.

Welcome to the world little one
Bruce and Jody (Ismir) Lockwood welcomed
their daughter, Alexandra Jolie, into the
world on November 5, 2000.

Rick Marsh and Gina welcomed their
son into the world on March 21.
Our sincerest congratulations to all of them!

Remember when……
you used to be able to roller skate the night away at Wheel-a-while? Well, one afternoon in March I spent about two hours on "wheels" with my four year old daughter. We had a great time, but I definitely was in need of Motrin the next couple of days. I think maybe I will stick to my street shoes!

-A brand new Steamboat Interpretive Center is going to being opening this May in the new visitors’ center in Bismarck. The new visitors’ center will located on Burnt Creek Road, and will provide information about Bismarck hotels, restaurants and sites to see. It will also include wonderful information about the steamboats that used to help connect Bismarck and Mandan with the rest of the world via the Missouri River.
-Bismarck is once again planning it’s Fourth of July Spectacular! This is a wonderful free concert and fireworks show, which is held in the evening on the Fourth of July at the Capital grounds. If any of you are going to be home that day, I suggest you check it out. You will not be disappointed!
(To read more about these stories go to www.ndonline.com, and see news archives for March, 2001)

I am having great fun doing this for all of you every month! I am more than welcome to your ideas, please let me know your thoughts and impressions on where you would like this newsletter to go or what you would like to know more about!
I write this from Waukesha, WI. every month, but am more than willing to do a little research to get the information you are looking for. See you next month! Thanks, Lauri keckmann@packersrock.com