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Volume 60, April 2006

HI everyone, sad news from home, the Holiday Inn/Palace Arms Hotel is no more. It will soon become to a new office building, which will be the future home of the Bank of North Dakota. Kinda sad. Yes, I realize the place was in total disrepair and a terrible sight on the east side. But memories, boy do I have memories of that place - as do many of you, I’m sure! Senior Prom, Parties, Class Reunions, Rocky’s, Comedy Clubs, Bands, Weddings, Breakfast….wow, takes me way back to some wonderful days long ago. Hate to see something that was an "institution of sorts" in our time fall by the wayside, but this seems to be the way of future. The past is the past, and the future is where we are all headed. Sometimes I still enjoy looking back, makes me smile, makes me wonder what happened to some of those friends who shared those memories, makes me wonder how I survived, but it also helps me realize where I have been and how far I have come! Maybe it’s not so bad to look back once in a while, makes me realize that I have done a lot, seen a lot, and I have a lot left to do-makes the future much clearer. Farewell to the Holiday Inn, thanks for the memories!

Hope you are all well! Looking forward to making new memories in June, it promises to be a time which is filled with smiles, hello’s, how are you’s, but most of all it is a time to reflect on where we were and where we are-it’s all good!!! See ya at the reunion, I will be a tad late Friday, but trust me, I will be there! Enjoy the spring-we deserve it. Lauri, Dan, and Wendy


"In-depth and Personal with…Mary (Glatt) Zelmer"

Name: Mary (Glatt) Zelmer
Career/occupation: Pysch Tech
Home: Bismarck
Family: Bruce, Brandon, Brianne and Brittany(twins)
Spouses occupation: Registered Land Surveyor
If applicable, how did you and your spouse meet? A classmates wedding
Greatest accomplishments: Marriage, family and career
Favorite music/musicians: Celtic
Hobbies/second career: Scrabble
Who were some of the people you hung out with? Wanda Ferderer, Denise Adams



Karen (Oswald) James has let us know that her daughter Sara will be graduating from BHS in May. Sara has plans on becoming a pharmacist.
She will be attending BSC for two years and then she will finish at NDSU.

Curt and Denise (Rebel) Frieze's
son, Nick is also graduating in May from Brimley High School in Brimley, Michigan.
He will be attending the University of Mary, majoring in biology and playing Marauder football.

Mary (Schmidt) Ohlhauser’s
son, Matthew is graduating from CHS this spring. Next year he plans on attending BSC.

Ashley Tinsley, daughter of Arlo and Lori Pettis, Rapid City, SD graduated from college with a degree in veterinarian assistant. She was hired on full time as a vet/tech at Black Hills Animal Hospital where she has been working as a kennel attendant for the last couple of years. Her graduation ceremony will be in May.

Jessica Steinke, daughter of Barb (Morlock) and Kirby Steinke, will be graduating from Tuttle-Pettibone High School on May 20.  She will attend BSC this fall.   She plans to major in psychology.  Barb also added these comments. "She is our youngest so we will be empty-nesters.  What a change that will be after raising children for 20+ years."

Here’s looking at you babe

Tom Gerhart has once again uploaded some pictures at our ofoto.com site. Disregard the date on the photo album-his pictures were added within the past three months or so. They can be found in the album, "Tom Gerhart and his families adventures around the world."


Okay, by now, everyone should have received their reunion registration via e-mail or postal mail. If you did not, contact me immediately and I will get you one out to you. Registrations have started to come in, awesome! We have also had some wonderful donations to Dollars for Scholars-but will gladly accept many more! Remember all registrations are due June 1st. If you are not planning on coming, still send in your bio, we would love to hear from you!

Below, are a couple of things that will be going on while we are home for the reunion.

Mandan Rodeo Days Celebration
07/01/2006 - 07/04/2006

Mandan Art in the Park Festival
07/03/2006 - 07/04/2006

Lodging an issue? Deb (Isaak) Dosch and her family own and operate the Expressway Suites, so if you need a place to stay, why not call them first?


Since we are all going ready to once again enjoy and relive our early years, this highlight from the 80's seemed to be very appropriate. Enjoy!
Compliments of Sheri Halbakken

You know you grew up in the 80's if......

You've ever ended a sentence with the word "SIKE."
You can sing the rap to the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and can do the "Carlton."
Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy.
Two words: Hammer Pants.
You wore a ponytail on the side of your head.
You made your mom buy one of those clips that would hold your shirt in a knot on the side.
You wore stone washed Jordache jean jackets and were proud of it.
L.A.Gear....need I say more?
You remember reading "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" and all the Ramona Quimby books.
You know the profound meaning of "WAX ON,WAX OFF."
You ever wore fluorescent clothing.(some of us...head-to-toe).
You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like
before his nose fell off and his cheeks shifted.
You still get the urge to say "NOT" after every sentence.
You ever owned a pair of Jelly-Shoes (and probably in neon colors, too).
After you saw "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" you kept saying "I know you are, but what am I?
You remember "I've fallen and I can't get up."
You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates.
You ever got seriously injured on a Slip and Slide.
You have played with a Skip-It.
You had or attended a birthday party at McDonalds.
You've gone through this nodding your head in agreement.
"Don't worry, be happy."
You wore, like, EIGHT pairs of socks over tights with high top Reeboks.
You wore socks scrunched down (and sometimes still do).
You remember boom boxes.
You remember Alf, the li'l furry brown alien from Melmac.
You remember New Kids on the Block when they were cool.
You know all the words to Bon Jovi's "SHOT THROUGH THE HEART."
(You just sang those words to yourself.)
You remember watching Magic vs. Bird. Oh yeah............it will never be that good again
Homemade Levi shorts.. (The shorter the better.)
You remember when mullets were cool!
You had a mullet!
You still sing "We are theWorld."
You tight rolled your jeans.
You owned a banana clip.
You remember "Where's the Beef?
You used to (and probably still do) say "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"
You had big hair and you knew how to use it.
You're still singing "Shot Through the Heart" in your head, aren't you!!!


Tammy (Pettis) and Marvin Sine have let us know that they are expecting grandchildren number seven in August!
She promises to share all the details in the fall newsletter. She also mentioned that she was going for a record! I'd say!


On The Move

Kent Schock has let us know that he is now a resident of Las Vegas, NV. Kent recently accepted a Software Project Management position with one of the major casino organizations in Vegas. He tells us, "People don't really think about how much computer software it takes to run the hotel and 'entertainment' (a.k.a., "gambling") systems in one of those huge casinos. This company has casino/hotels all over the USA, but I'll be working from their corporate office in Las Vegas. Should prove to be an interesting job!" Update: Kent is getting settled and enjoying his new life in Vegas, baby!

Tom Gerhart
and his family have also made a move. They are now settled in their new home in New Dehli, India!
Big change from Washington DC. Tom sent us this update in early March.
HI, Lauri, Met with President Bush yesterday. The crowd was much bigger than the last time we met Bush in Lithuania. As I stood there buried deep in the crowd with Grace in my arms I didn't even think I would get to shake his hand or much less get a picture. Bush asked if he could hold Grace & then posed with her while I took a picture with my film camera. Others nearby took pictures with digital cameras, as well so will hopefully have some pictures in a day or 2. Grace is at a stage where she doesn't readily let strangers hold her but she let Bush hold her with out a fuss. Bush commented he was surprised she didn't fuss as well.

The American compound is quiet, clean & safe (don't even lock doors). A pool is a stones throw from our residence. The commissary is also nearby. My Embassy office is a 5-minute walk. Delhi is much more backward & chaotic than Vilnius especially the driving. No one stays in their lane or obeys rules of the road. Driving is 100 times worse than in Vilnius it is hard to believe how crazy it is.

So many huge hurdles were crossed to bring us here that we are confident that we will be great witnesses for the Lord in India. I hope to receive the 1000 Hindi Chick Tracts I ordered soon so we can start
spreading the Gospel in this land ripe for the harvest. Appreciate your prayers that the power of the Gospel will free many lost souls from Hinduism. Tom"


Mary (Falhsing) Olsen has decided to take on a new challenge this year! After 16 years of working for Mandan City Hall in the Assessing and Building Inspections Dept, she has decided to run for the Morton County Treasurer position! The preliminary election will be held in April and the general election will be held on November 7th.

Curt and Denise (Rebel) Frieze's son, Nick, has decided to sign with the University Of Mary "Marauders" and will be attending in the fall of 06'. Curt let us know that they definitely plan on going to a few Marauder games next fall to support Nick and the team!

Sheri Halbakken has let us know that her son is alive and well in living in NC. He finally contacted her on her birthday to let her know that he was okay. She is grateful that he is alive and well, and thanks everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers!


. Our sympathies to Brad Wolfer and his family. His mother, Irene Wolfer, passed away on January 4th in Phoenix, AZ.

Our sympathies to Curtis Kottre and his family. His mother, Eva Kottre, passed away in Bismarck on January 10th.

Our sympathies to Mark Walker and his family. His step-father, Robert Fowler, passed away on Jan. 10, in Mitchell, S.D.

Our sympathies to Lance Bauer and his family. His mother, Darlene Bauer, passed away on Feb. 20th in Bismarck.

Our sympathies to Megan Gerboth Affa and her family. Her father, Clay Gerboth, passed away on Feb. 22nd, in Springfield, MO.

Our sympathies to Lisa (Moser) Kienzle and her family. Lisa’s niece, Bethany Woodworth passed away in AK. on March 16th.
Bethany was Lisa’s sister Julie’s daughter.

Our sympathies to Kevin Nelson and his family. His father, Terry Nelson, passed away on March 28th , in Bismarck.




Troy Bernhardt, Myra (Kordonowy) LeCaptain, Lori (Grishkowsky) Pettis, William Brown, Kathy (Nies) Tschosik,
Scott Gefroh, Maren (Swenson) Waxenberg Connie (Wiedrick) Samuelson, Perry Jahraus, Kristi (Backstrand) Learn, Megan (Gerboth) Affa.


Tom Gerhart, Darryl Feist, Dirk Kienzle, Michael Ehrmantraut, Ray Horner, Sara Jensen Fritz, Paula (Whitlock) Ludwig, Liz (Wicks) Kramer,
Geoge Piehl, Karla (Bernhardt) Larson, Monte Olmsted, Toby Schatz, Victor Pfund, Thomas Moser, Mary (Sweeny) Crompton,
Mary (Schmidt) Ohlhauser, Corrine (McLean) Zerr, Bill Lucas, Brenda (Jundt) Gross, Tammy (Pettis) Sine.


Deb (Freedhoff) Berger, Kaye (Bibelheimer) Knudson, Keith Remmich, Nadine (Schaffer) Morelli, Stephen Larson, Michele (Gross ) Ferguson,
Micheal Gross, Tim Nelson, Laura McDaniel, Scott Carlson, Jolyn (Wilson) Palumbo, David Gregware, Valerie (Hinds) Trautman,
Scott Keller, Jean (Dunn) Gefroh, Julie (Weinberger) Monzelowsky, David Brown, Lori (Schneider) Westbrook.

We hope you have a wonderful day!



23 years
Leroy and Brenda (Jundt) Gross

22 years
Barb (Morlock) and Kirby Steinke

21 years
Tom and Kim Gerhart

20 years
Laurie (Brady) and Tim Wolf

19 years
Wendy (Rios) and Tony Bosch

18 years
Tammy (Schlinger) and Wally Siems

17 years
Jon and Frankie Kuehl

15 years
Jolyn (Wilson) and Robert Palumbo


24 years
Tammy (Lund) and Frank Reis

23 years
Wendy (Fuller) and Mark Christy,
Kathy (Nies) and Max Tschosik

22 years
Julie (Weinberger) and Dale Monzelowsky
Joe and Linda (Demke) Dietrich

21 years
Kelly (Soby) and Tim Broeckel
Dean and Debbie Wolf

20 years
Randy and Stacy Fischer

19 years
Scott and Lori (Schneider) Westbrook

18 years
Beth (Wheeler) and Francis Greff

16 years
Tim and Diane Jensen

15 years
Claire Gervais and Dave Blouin

14 years
Mary (Wolf) and Rich Dunn

13 years
Kim and Karla (Bernhardt) Larson
Todd and Vicky Jueth

7 years
Lori (Ford) and John Moore

6 years
Megan (Gerboth) and Dean Affa


24 years
Pam (Eckroth) and Sid Schroeder

23 years
Tari (Andrusak) and Bryon Fettig

22 years
Char (Beck) and Keith Garrett
Lyle and Karen Schadler
Kelly (Malard) and Jim Anderson

21 years
Mike and Mary Ehrmantraut
Brad and Rene Wolfer
Vonnie (Spier) and Dan Greinsteiner
Beth (Loos) and Greg Johnson
Jerry and Barb Lantz

19 years
Debbie (Isaak) and Mark Dosch
Duane and Sue Staus

18 years
Kaaren (Chase) and Robert "Quail" White
Carla (Schumacher) and Jim Kelsch

17 years
Mark and Caroline Roehrich
Toby and Lisa Schatz
Jody (Ismir) and Bruce Lockwood
Liz (Wicks) and John Kramer
Tim and Laura Williams

12 years
Troy and Jayne Bernhardt

8 years
Kaye (Bibelheimer) and Dave Knudson

7 years
Dorothy (Reisenauer) and Kevin Kosse

6 years
Darrel A. and Patty Bosch

5 years
Mary (Kerzman) and Arlen Rostad

1 year
Sherri (Nordstorm) and Leon Stastny

Our sincerest congratulations to all of you!