The Bismarck High School Class of 1981 quarterly update

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a positive, safe and supportive environment for all classmates in which we can share our personal lives. The staff reserves the right to publish only information that we feel is within the supportive spirit of this newsletter. Information which we feel is intended to be negative, class polarizing, mean-spirited will not be published at this site. That is not the avenue we want to take with this newsletter. The staff.

Volume 64, April 2007

HI everyone, hope you all survived the incredibly cold winter! I am so ready for spring and a warm sunny vacation! Enough winter, ufta.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newsletter! As always, you did a great job!!! Was there any doubt?? Some how we continue to go forward and the news just keeps coming in. I am enjoying the many friendships that are being made along the way and I am truly enjoying seeing the new friendships that many of you are making also! So cool!

Take care, enjoy the spring, we deserve it! Lauri, Dan and Wendy



Congratulations to Reba Buchholz, she was recently named Miss Rodeo North Dakota for 2007! She is the daughter of Valerie (Renschler) Keller.

Reba’s photo may be found at the link listed. You can also find it in the Celebrate ND section for Feb. 4th, 2007. The link for Celebrate ND can be found on the left side of the Bismarck Tribune home page, under "Community". http://celebrate.bismarcktribune.com/edition/edition/?haspdf=1

Kaye (Beibelheimer) Knudson has started a new job in Bismarck. She is now the Life Enrichment Director at the Waterford.

Joe and Linda (Demke) Dietrichs son, Josh, who is a junior at BHS, made All State Jazz Band for the second year in a row. There are only four
Trombone chairs in this group so he and Linda are very proud! Their other son, Marcus, who is a 7th grader at Simile, made the Jazz Band there playing the trumpet and is one of only two 7th graders in the band. He also made the honors orchestra playing his violin.

Tom and Kim Gerharts oldest son, Luke (17) scored a 31 on his ACT test which puts him in the top 2% of all recent high school graduates in the USA. Tom also shared with us that Luke has been home schooled his entire life and that he took the ACT test cold with no prep or cramming. His future plans include attending Northland Baptist Bible College in WI.

Andee Beierle was recently honored at the 2006 World Karting Association banquet held in Kansas City.  She took 7th place in both the Junior Sportsman Champ Lite and Heavy divisions for the Heartland Asphalt Kart Racing Series.  She is 11 years old and is the daughter of Scott and Connie Beierle.   She has been racing quarter-midget sprint cars and go-karts since she was 8.

Sheri Halbakken and RC Washington are very excited to announce the engagement of Sheri’s son, Corey Moszer and his girlfriend Ashli.
They plan on being married on Aug. 11, in St. Louis, MO.

Sheri Halbakken has also started a new job. She is the Customer Service Supervisor/Move Coordinator
for Federal Gateway, an agent for Allied Van lines.

!!!!Congratulations Graduates!!!!

Jerry and Barb Lantz have let us know that their daughter, Amanda, will be graduating from Mandan High School in May.  She will
be attending BSC in the fall but has not decided on a major yet.

Tammy (Schlinger) Siems will be graduating from Dickinson State University with a
Major in Accounting and Business Administration and with a minor in Computer Science.

Alexander and Andrew Becker, sons of David and Yvonne Becker, are scheduled to graduate from
BSC on May 11, 07 with degrees in theater. David plans on being there for graduation so watch for him around town.
Andrew also was offered a job with the Sante Fe Opera - Sante Fe, NM for an internship this summer.

DeAnn (Stack) Balanga’s daughter, Alisha, is graduating from BHS this spring. She will be
attending UND in the fall and plans on majoring in physical therapy.

Rhonda (Levin) and Medardo Medieta’s son, Anibal "Ani" is grad. from BHS. He is planning on attending BSC
and majoring in business management and music. When he is finishes at BSC he plans on attending NDSU.

Barb (Matejcek) and Dale Schmitcke’s
daughter Melissa will also be grad. from BHS this spring.
She will be attending BSC and exploring elementary education as a major.

Dee (Flowers) Fields daughter, Sommer, will graduate in May from CHS with a 4.0 grade point average. She is currently a CNA at Missouri Slope Nursing Home and will attend the University of Mary in the fall. She plans on getting her degree in nursing, and then she wants to proceed to Medical School to become a Neonatal Intensive Care Doctor (she made this decision several years ago, and has stayed very committed to it).

Corrine (McLean) and Dale Zerr
, have another daughter graduating this year. Their second daughter, Kristin, is graduating from Coronado HS here in Colorado Springs on May 22.  She has just returned from Anaheim, where the Wind Ensemble (super band) from Coronado took first place in the Disney World Heritage band festival.  Bands from as far away as FL were in the competition.  And Coronado's band took first and all sorts of other honors.  They do sound fabulous.  Kristin is in the percussion section.  After grad, she plans to attend CSU-Pueblo for two years, the switch to CSU-Ft Collins for their vet. program. Corrine also included an update on their oldest daughter Kayleigh. She is doing very well in college and is scheduled to take her M-Sats this summer. 

Dollars for Scholars

1981 Alumni Scholarship

Our very first Dollars for Scholars $500.00 1981 Alumni Scholarship has been awarded to a 2007 BHS graduate! How cool is that!
We do not know the name of the recipient as of yet, but I should have the info. for our July newsletter.

When all was said done we had $2,000 contributed to our scholarship program. This will give us 4 total scholarships, with our last one being awarded in 2011, just in time for our 30th! We are still taking contributions to this program, and we hope to make it last for many years to come! Contact me if you are interested in making a donation. Once again, thank you everyone for your incredible support!


Ah…the rumors were true! A couple from our class is ready to formally announce their engagement! John Brintnell and Penny (Bergquist) House were officially engaged on a very beautiful Christmas Eve just a few short months ago. No date has been set, but it promises to be a simple but incredible day for all of them!

There was also another rumor that we confirmed this month. Jean Walton and Kelly Schafer are very happy to announce that they were engaged in November and will be married on June 22nd in Bismarck.

The last big news that we have to announce can’t be announced until the big day is over in May! He is afraid to jinx it. So, the last wedding announcement will just have to wait and all of you with have to check back in July to see who else has tied the knot!

Our congratulations to all the new couples!


On Feb. 18th, Bismarck ND set a new record for snow angels when over 8,900 people participated in this event! They beat the old record that was set last year in Houghton, MI. They not only beat it, but they smashed it by over 5,000 people! Some of our classmates also enjoyed the fun! Mary (Wolf) Dunn and her family were in the 10th row making their snow angels with the other world record makers! Tammy (Schlinger) Siems was their with her husband and family. Barb (Matejcek) Schmitcke was there with her sister and her daughter, Melissa. And Kaye (Biebelheimer) Knutson was there with her husband and friends! All thought it was pretty neat to be part of the state record, all had a great time, and the one common theme, it was an "amazing" experience! In case you missed the story, you can see it and read all about it at this link.

On The Mend

Roxann (Almer) Giles is doing great! Chemo has been much rougher this time, but she is still fighting the fight! She is positive as always, enjoying a chemo free month (she needed a break) and is ready to enjoy the holiday season with her family and her faith!

Vacation Highlights

Tom and Kim Gerhart has once again taken an incredible vacation! As many of you know, he is currently living in New Delhi, India with his wife and children. Well, recently they took a much need vacation to a small island in the Maldives. Here is a quick recap and pictures can be found at our private photo site.

"In January the family & I took a break from the rampant disease & pestilence of India to visit the Maldives. A Sea Plane flew us to a secluded remote little Island that you could walk around in 40 mins. On the 1st day Kim & the children kept telling me to chill as I was still spun up from my job at the Embassy in Delhi and the herculean task of taking a family of 11 on a vacation. It took me a day to de-stress; after that I really mellowed & we all had a great time. The only bad part was the thought of returning to India. Enjoy Tom"

Below is another vacation highlight from Tom and Kim Gerhart, this time they took a rafting trip in the Himalayas.
The kids (Tom included) even got to jump off a high rock ledge into the Ganges River! How cool is that. How many people do you know
that have jumped into the Ganges River? Not many, I bet! Once again, here is another story from The Gerhart’s Family Vacation file!
Pictures have been uploaded to our private photo site.

"Train old but well kept. Train stops for on-off for only 2-5 minutes so you really have to move fast or you will be left behind in an Indian train depot, which is scary thought. The amount of dung girls make into cow patties is amazing. They carry huge piles of dung on their heads in baskets. Then they work it into patties to dry. They use these patties for fuel. The result is really polluted air across India. People squat and urinate everywhere in plain sight. Unlike the Russian train they do not close or lock the bathrooms at the train stations. Severely flea bitten dogs abound. The bus was old and run down. The road was steep and narrow with sheer drops off of 1,000 feet. In keeping with Indian way of doing things, trucks, busses, cars and motorcycles were constantly passing each other on hairpin turns. It was terrifying at first, but you eventually get numbed to the crazy driving. Despite very close calls of only inches to spare everything works out with a crash.

The prior two days of rafting class 2-3 rapids did not prepare us for THE WALL. They only gave us a false sense of security. The WALL is a class 4 rapid that I took Laura, John and Matthew on. The raft flipped in the monstrous 15 ft rapids! Matthew got the worst of it and was head under until he thought he would pass out. Laura got a couple of scraps and had a rough time when a panicky Indian man (wearing a life vest) clawed unto Laura and held her under with a death grip for a spell, until an American adult yelled at him. In retrospect, not sure the children were ready for class 4 rapids. The children took it in good fashion. They are not scared of rapids just not sure they want to attempt class 4 rapids for the time being.


On the Move, again!

Byron Weichel has returned to Bismarck! He is now settled and working for Northland Healthcare Alliance. Welcome Home Byron!


Tom and Kim Gerhart also sent us some "large" family humor.
As you may know, they have 10 children so they get many comments, stares, and life is a constant period of adjustment!

It takes at least 2 carts in the grocery store.
The bulk package of hamburger is a one meal serving size.
You laugh at the term: "Institutional size."
You get the banquet room when you go out for family dining.
You wish the library had shopping carts.
People stop and stare, laugh or glare & start counting.
Diapers have been a staple on the shopping list non-stop since the 80s.
You privately chuckle when others are worried about their dinner party for 12.
The checker at the grocery always asks if you are having a party.
The McDonald's drive thru manager said, "You really should call ahead when you’re going to have an order this size."

Dan Raszler
has taken a new direction with his professional life-he has bought cattle!
He told us that farming reminds him a lot of being back home when dealing with cattle prices and selling different types of hay for cattle.
Plus, the bonus to farming in the Houston area - no sub zero temperatures. Good luck Dan!

I have to take a moment and give you a highlight of my own! I am busy coordinating a project called "Good Night, Sleep Tight" for the Girl Scout Program in our area. It is project that I read about in a People magazine and decided we needed to do this! It involves writing positive messages for children on pillowcases and filling them with a teddy bear to cuddle on a lonely night, a notebook to journal or color your deepest thoughts, colored pens, toothbrushes and toothpaste to children in need in the greater Milwaukee area. These children are from the foster care program, involved in health issues, homeless, etc. Well, I needed a great line drawing of a little child, deep in sleep, cuddling a teddy bear for the logo on our pillowcases. Now, I do not draw, so I needed help! So, for the first time ever I reached out to one of our classmates, someone who is an incredible artist! Julie Mjolsness Lindstrom. I asked Julie for a simple line drawing, nothing simple about the sketch that she sent me, it completely captured the concept and the idea behind this project! Her sketch is now about to become a custom patch for many Great Blue Heron Girl Scouts and will soon be on pillowcases all over the Southeast part of Wisconsin! Special, special thanks Julie!!!

The following life highlight is from Jean Walton.
2006 was a bittersweet year and a few of you know that my oldest sister Cathy passed away unexpectedly on September 24th and this has been so very hard on my family and me. The emotions are up and down and will be for a long time. We appreciate any prayers during this time.

The year ended with the sweet as in "Sweetheart" and that means I’ll have a name change this summer. Yes, I not only met someone, but as we were off to Cancun just before Thanksgiving and he surprised me with the ring the night before we left and yup, I accepted! My fiancÚ, Kelly Schafer and I will be married on June 22 here in Bismarck. I think my family is not only glad to see that I’m happy, but they are ecstatic that they get to keep Kelly now too…kind of like a puppy (but he’s housetrained). Kelly is the Safety Director for Fisher Industries and is from Dickinson (but I love him anyway). We plan to live in Bismarck and will start to build our house east of town late this spring, when we have house numbers I’ll send it out! I’m still working in water as the Executive Director of the Water Coalition, and coordinator of other water groups, as well as teaching Pilates and other group fitness classes."


Our sympathies to Jean Walton and her family. As she mentioned above, her sister Cathy passed away on Sept. 24th.

Our sympathies to Jay Yeager and his family. His mother, Joyce Yeager, passed away on Jan. 5th.

Our sympathies to Jody (Ismir) Lockwood and her family. Her father, Rev. Sam Ismir, passed away on Jan. 25th, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Our sympathies to Verna Merkel and her family. Her brother, Ricky Merkel, passed away on Feb. 12th in Bismarck.

Our sympathies to Brenda (Buechler) LaFromboise and her family. Brenda’s father, Martin Buechler passed away on March 11th in Bismarck.

Our sympathies to the CHS class of 1981 and the family of Terry (McNamara) Pfliger. She passed on March 12th in Jamaica.



Troy Bernhardt, Myra (Kordonowy) LeCaptain, Lori (Grishkowsky) Pettis, William Brown, Kathy (Nies) Tschosik,
Scott Gefroh, Maren (Swenson) Waxenberg Connie (Wiedrick) Samuelson, Perry Jahraus, Kristi (Backstrand) Learn, Megan (Gerboth) Affa.


Tom Gerhart, Darryl Feist, Dirk Kienzle, Michael Ehrmantraut, Ray Horner, Sara Jensen Fritz, Paula (Whitlock) Ludwig, Liz (Wicks) Kramer,
Geoge Piehl, Karla (Bernhardt) Larson, Monte Olmsted, Toby Schatz, Victor Pfund, Thomas Moser, Mary (Sweeny) Crompton,
Mary (Schmidt) Ohlhauser, Corrine (McLean) Zerr, Bill Lucas, Brenda (Jundt) Gross, Tammy (Pettis) Sine.


Deb (Freedhoff) Berger, Kaye (Bibelheimer) Knudson, Keith Remmich, Nadine (Schaffer) Morelli, Stephen Larson, Michele (Gross ) Ferguson,
Micheal Gross, Tim Nelson, Laura McDaniel, Scott Carlson, Jolyn (Wilson) Palumbo, David Gregware, Valerie (Hinds) Trautman,
Scott Keller, Jean (Dunn) Gefroh, Julie (Weinberger) Monzelowsky, David Brown, Lori (Schneider) Westbrook

We hope you have a wonderful day!


24 years
Leroy and Brenda (Jundt) Gross

23 years
Barb (Morlock) and Kirby Steinke

22 years
Tom and Kim Gerhart

21 years
Laurie (Brady) and Tim Wolf

20 years
Wendy (Rios) and Tony Bosch

19 years
Tammy (Schlinger) and Wally Siems

18 years
Jon and Frankie Kuehl

16 years
Jolyn (Wilson) and Robert Palumbo


25 years
Tammy (Lund) and Frank Reis

24 years
Wendy (Fuller) and Mark Christy,
Kathy (Nies) and Max Tschosik

23 years
Julie (Weinberger) and Dale Monzelowsky
Joe and Linda (Demke) Dietrich

22 years
Kelly (Soby) and Tim Broeckel
Dean and Debbie Wolf

21 years
Randy and Stacy Fischer

20 years
Scott and Lori (Schneider) Westbrook

19 years
Beth (Wheeler) and Francis Greff

17 years
Tim and Diane Jensen

16 years
Claire Gervais and Dave Blouin

15 years
Mary (Wolf) and Rich Dunn

12 years
Kim and Karla (Bernhardt) Larson
Todd and Vicky Jueth

8 years
Lori (Ford) and John Moore

6 years
Megan (Gerboth) and Dean Affa


25 years
Pam (Eckroth) and Sid Schroeder

24 years
Tari (Andrusak) and Bryon Fettig

23 years
Char (Beck) and Keith Garrett
Lyle and Karen Schadler
Kelly (Malard) and Jim Anderson

22 years
Mike and Mary Ehrmantraut
Brad and Rene Wolfer
Vonnie (Spier) and Dan Greinsteiner
Beth (Loos) and Greg Johnson
Jerry and Barb Lantz

20 years
Debbie (Isaak) and Mark Dosch
Duane and Sue Staus

19 years
Kaaren (Chase) and Robert "Quail" White
Carla (Schumacher) and Jim Kelsch

18 years
Mark and Caroline Roehrich
Toby and Lisa Schatz
Jody (Ismir) and Bruce Lockwood
Liz (Wicks) and John Kramer
Tim and Laura Williams

13 years
Troy and Jayne Bernhardt

9 years
Kaye (Bibelheimer) and Dave Knudson

8 years
Dorothy (Reisenauer) and Kevin Kosse

7 years
Darrel A. and Patty Bosch

6 years
Mary (Kerzman) and Arlen Rostad

2 years
Sherri (Nordstorm) and Leon Stastny