The Bismarck High School Class of 1981 periodic update

Volume 2, February 2001
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"In-depth and Personal with…Julie Mjolsness Lindstrom",
Name: Julie Mjolsness Lindstrom
Career/occupation: Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Digital Artist
Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Family: Brent Lindstrom (BHS 1980) and Andrew, our four-year-old son.
Spouse’s occupation: Finance Manager, Children's Hospitals and Clinics
Greatest accomplishments:
1. Recognizing at age 18 that the guy sitting in front of me in speech class showed an endless capacity for joy, an unwavering commitment to family and an indisputable sense of honesty. Nine years later I married him.
2. Surviving natural childbirth. Yes, I subscribe to holistic health
care but next time around, skip the black cohosh tea… yup, I think I’ll take the drugs. Fortunately a beautiful, healthy son greeted us.
3. Starting, maintaining and growing my own design and illustration business, which enables me to do what I love – create and teach.
4. Mentoring graphic design students from various Minnesota and Iowa Universities.
5. Having a few of my pastels and watercolors sell along the way and become part of various people’s homes throughout the world…and they’re not just relatives! : )
People whom you admire and why: Those people whose actions, not just words, reflect honesty, compassion, integrity and a commitment to teach others around them. "Be the change you wish to see in the world."
What do you have in your pockets: …a mini set of colored pencils (you never know when inspiration or a color emergency will strike), grape PEZ (hey, I’m a mom), a purple Hot Wheels mustang, Kleenex, a Swiss army knife (works well for cropping "too tall straws" in restaurant’s kiddie drinks) and a cross.
Fantasy (or reality) job: Perhaps I have my fantasy job…one that is part of your make-up and not "work," if that is how you choose to define it. I love creating something from nothing and the journey that it takes you on…the excitement of discovery and serendipitous occurrences.
Latest book(s) you've read: Eyewitness to America: 500 Years of American History in the Words of Those Who Saw it Happen, edited by David Colbert; In Tuscany by Frances Mayes (Recently, my husband and I had the chance to meet and visit with Frances and her husband Ed – she has left her position as a University professor and will be writing full time! Her excitement reminded me to do what you love and the rest will

follow.*); and tonight the book-of-the-evening was: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.
Favorite music/musicians: That has to be broken down into two categories: Favorite Music with my Son. This consists of our favorite songs that we sing together, "You Are My Sunshine," and "You’ve Got a Friend in Me." Andrew sings the Randy Newman part – I always end up being Lyle Lovett.
Favorite Music in my Studio. This encompasses a variety of sounds that is directly related to the timeliness of the project. Jazz (Diane Schuur or Moore By Four) = no time crunch; Big Band or Swing (Louie Prima and Keeley Smith or some Tommy Dorsey) = due date approaching but it's cool; Lenny Kravitz - "American Woman" = madly scanning, sketchbooks flying, computer buzzing, due yesterday. Mussorgorsky's "Night on Bald Mountain" = not going to happen, may as well go to bed.
Favorite cities and why? Minneapolis -- we are surrounded by family here. The San Francisco area – since my sister and her family live there we’ve had the chance to visit often. She has shown us beautiful coastlines, amazing marine life, and peaceful retreats such as Filoli Gardens and, my favorite spot, Muir Woods.
Favorite foods: Brent’s homemade spaghetti sauce, four-flame Thai food, hot and sour soup, spicy shrimp, anything intensely flavorful. Dessert-wise, chocolate is wonderful but Bananas Foster must be nirvana.
Hobbies/second career: Gardening with my son (who has taught me about the joys of worms once again), reading, learning to golf with my husband, and most recently, paper-piece quilting (now there’s a lesson in patience).
Pet peeves: People who don’t truly listen and/or refuse to open their minds.
Memories of Bismarck (good ones):
1. Our old neighborhood and its quietness.
2. My first job out of college – hand painting a billboard (Is the
Cloverdale sausage sign still up on Mandan’s West Side?) There was something grand about standing 10 ft. off the ground on shaky scaffolding; waving oversized paintbrushes above your head and watching the image interlace. But once was enough.
3. North Dakota’s Centennial Celebration on the capitol lawn – remember the laser light show on the side of the building, the fireworks, the music, and feeling that for a small, important point in time, we were all family.
Memories of BHS (good ones): Two words. Band trips. O.K., there are more than two words…noshing on cafeteria caramel rolls, being a part of the Hi-Herald crew, working on the yearbooks, freezing on the football field for half-time marching band performances (Although I cannot listen to "Power of Gold" ever again without thinking, "Keep your lines straight."), and establishing a few priceless lifelong friendships.
Favorite teachers at BHS and why:
RITA KELLY, who inspired me to "…do what you love and the rest of it will follow." Thank you for suggesting the Hi-Herald…that experience was the start of my graphic design journey. From Rita I learned to be true to myself and to view every encounter and event as a learning experience. "Never quit learning," I remember her saying.
TOM HESFORD, who patiently guided me into that journey and always responded, "Hmmm, O.K.," when I said, "You’ll get that cover tomorrow. Trust me. You’ll love it." One never wanted to

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disappoint Hess.
RAY BELL, who made English Literature come alive. It was either his lovely English accent or his laughing fits, where he would stand on top of his desk, stomping his foot -- usually in exasperation at our faux English accents as we read Pygmalion -- exclaiming, "You Americans!"…either way he had our attention.
and of course,
GORDIE KNAAK, who taught us more than a march, …
sometimes it’s better to stop the music and reflect on a nugget of truth.
What, if any, community/service organizations are you involved with? Until recently I was involved with the Hennepin County Library’s StartSmart Program, which is a national program that uses trained volunteers to reach children and families in community locations (such as an inner city crisis nursery) to teach the pleasures and value of reading. It’s a great program and I will probably volunteer for another two-year commitment later on this year. My husband and I are also
educational volunteers in our church.
Who are you most looking forward to seeing this summer at the class reunion? After attending Brent’s 20-year reunion last summer I have to say one of the most enjoyable events was the picnic where we got to meet all the families! Your kids reflect a more complete picture of who you are and it was interesting/wonderful/entertaining to observe classmates as parents. Lori and Claire, congratulations on the births of your babies…hope to meet them this summer!

Jean Dunn Gefroh and Scott Gefroh were recently involved in a BSC production, which was a musical tribute to Jane Gray Stewart. Ms. Stewart was a speech and drama instructor at BSC from 1956-1985, who passed away in early October. More information about this tribute can be found at www.bismarckstate.com/alumni/connect.htm.

Welcome to the world little oneEXPECTING Rick Marsh and Genia are expecting their second child in March. Congratulations! We will keep you posted.

Get well soon
Terri Benson is recuperating from a recent surgery,
we wish her a very speedy recovery!

Prior to her surgery Terri Benson was promoted to
Local Sales Manager for FOX TV in Bismarck.
Great career move Terri!

Robin Diede’s father recently passed away, please remember her in your thoughts and prayers.

Remember when……
…your biggest concern in life was what you are going to wear tomorrow? Now when you leave the house your just glad you have on two things that are "pretty" clean and "kinda" match. Boy, how your perspective changes with age.

Wrestling - The Demons 40-match winning streak and a 49-dual unbeaten string came to an end on January 27. The Williston Coyotes proved to be just too much for the Bismarck High Demons. (as reported in the Bismarck Tribune on January 28.)

Boy’s Basketball – After a big 3rd quarter BHS was able to pull a win over the Minot Magicians in a West Region Boy’s basketball victory on January 26th.
(as reported in the Bismarck Tribune on January 27.)
To read more about either of these stories, please go to the Bismarck tribune web page, www.ndonline.com sports link.

-While I was home my parents informed me that they are very excited about the new restaurants coming to town! Seems as if the south side is getting a TGIF’s, an Olive Garden has been proposed and they think the third one is an Old Chicago. They are thrilled! I still prefer the Woodhouse and Taco John’s, old habits die hard I guess!

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When you are visiting Bismarck, which restaurant must you eat at?

Mine is the Mongolian BBQ; I just love that place! Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t feel the same way he would much rather eat at the Ground Round, why I don’t know, we have one of those here.

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