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Volume 38, February 2004


Hi everyone. We hope you are having a wonderful 2004! We are!

We have had a great month here at the newsletter. People have stepped up to sponsor us, news has flowed in, and positive feedback has been very nice! We even heard from a 1982 grad. who let us know that they read the newsletter each month, and that they appreciate what we do and what Todd has to say. Who knows we might be on to something!

Below is the newsletter. Dwight will make you laugh, Todd has a lot to say, Grandparents have been made and lots of you are turning 41! Enjoy!

Have a great month. We will see you in March!
Wendy (CA), Dan (TX), Todd (ND), and Lauri (WI)

Special note: This newlsetter this month was brought to you by Dan, Todd and Wendy. The last two weeks of my life have been busy, stressful and very emotional, thus they took over the newsletter for me this month and let me step back! I am truly grateful for their help and their support. They are a great "staff" and even better classamtes! Thanks guys!! Lauri


"In-depth and Personal with…Dwight Weisz"

Name : Dwight Weisz
coal miner
Family: Lisa (wifey), Erika, 4 yr. old daughter
Spouses occupation :Classified manager @ the Tribune
If applicable, how did you and your spouse meet? I was whooping it up at the desert one night, while standing on a cooler I spotted her. I thought she was looking at me, you know, in a good way) but really she was watching me, huge difference. It took me a while but I convinced her to come a little closer, I charmingly said, "HEY………you wanna go out with me, don’t you"!. She giggled to her girlfriend and said "yea right", they walked away. (Lauri, "if it’s not applicable", would it mean you married a relative?)
Greatest accomplishments: having a part in bringing my beautiful daughter into this world.
People whom you admire and why : my parents, for not abandoning my five brothers and I (we were a handful). Miss Fitterer (Pioneer), Mr. Olson (from Simle), for the respectful and caring way that they taught and coached, Rudy Stiedl for not putting a "HIT" on me, Lisa for her unconditional love, and each and every one of my maroon blooded brothers and sisters from the B.H.S. class of 81 for enrichening my life.
What do you have in your pockets: some juicy fruit, 1/2 pint of Old Crow, box of Ju-Ju beans, a rubber, and a comb. *See below
Fantasy (or reality) job: that’s a tuff one, it would have to be restoring and customizing motorcycles in my very own custom built shop, so cool.
Latest book you've read: Steve McQueen, portrait of an American rebel, Every woman’s desire, the pocket version of the U.S. constitution.
Favorite music/musicians: I dig all tunes, Allman Bros., Seeger, Couger, Willie, John Lee Hooker, Cash, Allison Krauss, Butt-Hole Surfers, Cars, Marvin Gaye, Glenn Miller, Spade Cooley, Tchaikovsky, Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday…..all the greats.
Recommended movies: Elf, Pay it forward.
Favorite cities and why
? Houston, and a 100 mile radius, food, art , booze, architecture, culture did I mention FOOOOOOOOOOD!
Where have you traveled? Most of the U.S.,south central Canada, north central Mexico, Napoleon, Mott, the Mall, Wyoming is a nice country.
Favorite place to vacation? Any place you would recommend? to me it’s the journey as much as the destination, I recommend trying them all.
Favorite foods: it’s tough to top N.D. beef, I’ll eat anything if it’s willing (or not).
Hobbies/second career: I like working in my yard, I love motorcycles, ridin em, fixin em, breakin em, cleanin em, dreamin about em, bikes rock.
What if any community service organizations are you involved with? Member of abate of N.D., the Elks, Good Shepherd church
Pet peeves: hunger pains
Memories of Bismarck (good ones) : When I realized what "hometown" meant, I’m proud of Bismarck.
Memories of BHS (good ones): finding a parking space, cafeteria carmel rolls, road racing three wide with Mark Hanson and Sowka from Vo-tech to B.H.S., sitting in intro to theater higher than a Chinese box kite, the smell of victory in the pit, the way sounds carried in the old gym, sliding down the brass banisters from 3rd to 1st floor, Dodd’s and Livdahl doing hole shots down Seventh St.
Who were some of the people you hung out with? The same ones I got hung with, Schiermy, Scuzz, lil’ Mel,Marv,Pork,Hiemy,Suff,Hoovey,Flip,Dodd’s, Unk, Nuens, Heidi, Bubba, Juebba(a.k.a. Tooter), Sandy, Lauri,the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Were you involved with any extra curricular activities, if so what? I’m honored to have been part of the Demon wrestling dynasty.
Favorite teachers at BHS and why: Mr. Carl Bye, Carlos Amigos taught history I think, anyway he would stand on his desk, do impersonations, usually smiling, sometimes throw stuff, and had a bitchin corvette, over all a pretty cool dude.
Favorite high school hang-outs: the window ledge between 1st and 2nd floor. Desert, double ditch, my car, Todd and Mike’s basements, cruising Main St.
*the reference Dwight makes to what is in his pocket is actually a line from his favorite movie, American Grafitti. His wife and I decided at the "221/2" reunion that I had better explain it, because the chances are good that he is the only one who gets the humor in his comment! :) Isn’t it nice to know that some people are exactly the way we remember them! :)


This past month I received an e-mail from a young woman in WV. She had been searching the internet looking for a "Railroaders Timbebook" for her husband’s new palm pilot. Well, her search led her to our web site. Seems a while back we did a highlight on Basil Hipple and he had mentioned that he had created a "Railroader’s Timebook" for Locomotive Engineers. His mention of it in his highlight brought it up in a google search. She did her research, found my address, made a request to me for info., I forwarded the message and lo and be hold, Basil was able to help her out! Who would have ever guessed that this little website for the class of 1981 would eventually help out someone in WV who we don’t even know! Cool!

A little ND humor!
Contributed by Chuck Glaser and Connie (Wiedrick) Samuelson

Three North Dakota guys and three Texans are traveling by train to the Super Bowl. At the station, the three Texans each buy a ticket and watch as the three Dakotans buy just one ticket.
"How are the three of you going to travel on only one ticket?" asks one of the Texans.

"Watch and learn," answers one of the men from North Dakota.

They all board the train. The three Yankee men take their respective seats but all three North Dakotans cram into a toilet together and close the door. Shortly after the train has departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets. He knocks on the toilet door and says, "Ticket, please." The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand. The conductor takes it and moves on. The Texans see this happen and agree it was quite a clever idea, so after the game they decide to do the same thing on the return trip and save some money. When they get to the station they buy a single ticket for the return trip, but see, to their astonishment, that the three North Dakotans don't buy any ticket at all.

"How are you going to travel without a ticket?" says one perplexed Texan. "Watch and learn," answers a man from North Dakota.

When they board the train the three Texans cram themselves into a toilet and the three Dakotans cram into another toilet just down the way. Shortly after the train is on its way, one of the North Dakotans leaves his toilet and walks over to the toilet in which the Texans are hiding.

The North Dakotan knocks on their door and says, "Ticket, please

Here’s looking at you babe!!

Tom’s Gerhart’s adventures continue while he is in Lithuania! He recently uploaded some additional photos to ofoto.com, they can be found in the "Some of our Finest Moments" album. Below is the story behind these photos!

"My wife's Lithuanian midwife introduced my family to ice swimming. I would never have tried it without her help & assistance. It doesn't feel that cold & you feel great afterwards (purported health benefits as well). As a child I fell through the ice several times while ice skating on the Missouri River in ND (the old wives tale that you can't swim with ice-skates & heavy clothes is wrong). The water felt surprisingly warm when I fell through the river ice. I incorrectly attributed this to my heavy clothing. Surprisingly the icy water also felt warmer than expected when ice swimming. You also feel warm when you get out of the water. I look forward to future ice swimming in ND when I retire 2012. I’ll be glad to introduce you as well." Warmly Tom

From VILNEWS February, 2004

Tom Gerhart Takes A Winter Break

Try it, you’ll like it! Tom Gerhart reports that ice swimming is not nearly as frigid as one might expect. Lithuanian friends introduced Kim and Tom to this unique winter sport. Even their children Luke and Laura have joined in and taken the PLUNGE. There are purported health benefits (!) and you can dine out on the story for years to come. Tom says he looks forward to future ice swimming and will be glad to introduce YOU to it as well. Soooo, what are you waiting for?



Sue (Wheeler) Trim sent in this recipe for "Easy Pumpkin Swirl",
looks like a wonderful dessert to take to a party! Enjoy!


Todd gives us his view, and he is …..

Compliments of Todd Jueth
Please note: Todd’s views are strictly his own. They are provided for our reading enjoyment and do not necessarily reflect the views of those associated with the Class of 81, it’s newsletter, or its website. Comments sent to me will be forwarded to Todd or you may e-mail him personally toddjueth@bis.midco.net Thanks, Lauri

Hello fellow class mates. It is February. The 14th is Valentines Day don't you forget. It’s not just a man thing it’s women and men that think of each other. Now we all know that you ladies out there don't forget these days and by all rights you all deserve valentines. But us men have feelings too, and don't forget that special man on your list either. A box of chocolates would be fine but give it some thought. Personally, I would like tickets to the Daytona 500 - now that's what I'm talking about - then I would really know she loves me.

You can’t believe how cold it is in good old North Dakota. We have the special privilege of having a very rare occurrence - we get to have a Siberian cold mass sit over our state. That's right, live from Siberia it’s 30 degrees below. That's regular  temp now, like the other night, add on a little wind chill and it was 60 degrees below zero I'm not pulling your leg one bit. I got a kick out of listening to the 7 day forecast they said Thursday warmer with a high of only 12 below zero. I was thinking wow it’s only going to be 12 below zero, hey honey, where's the sun tan lotion it’s getting warmer out.

Being cold does have its advantages, I showed my girls the other night that I was a regular Albert Einstein. It was 20 below outside and I told them I was going to fill this pitcher up with hot water and we went outside and I told them I was going to throw the hot water up in the air and not a drop will hit the ground. They said yeah right dad. Well I threw the water straight up into the air and it all dissipated into smoke. Yes it did! Wow, now dad was one smart cookie. If you live here in Bismarck take your kids outside and do this they will be astonished.

The presidential election is heating up. You remember how close the last election was for president. It actually mattered which candidate won North Dakota’s electoral vote. Now, this time around these guys remembered this and almost all the Democratic candidates have stopped in North Dakota to campaign. Little old North Dakota does make a difference. Our primary is Feb 3rd along with 6 other states, but come the big election in November we will have a say where our electoral vote goes and, you can almost bet Mr. Bush and whoever gets the democratic nod will both be stopping by to campaign.

The Bismarck and Mandan planning commissions are looking into another bridge to cross the river between Bismarck and Mandan. Yes, we are getting closer on a final proposal for the replacement of the Grant Marsh Bridge. A future bridge placed to the north on River Road would tie the beltway around Bismarck and Mandan. It would be in the area of the Burnt Creek boat landing and end up north of the Heskent power plant North of Mandan. Now, this is about 20 years down the road but they are trying to buy the land now to secure that the future travels here will be open.

I need to know a poll from this web site’s newsletter. Now, I have kinda asked in the past for input. So, now I need to know. With the 2004 Nascar Season upon us, who do you want to be the 2004 champion? Who's your man? We need to know. Just send your answer in to Laurie and she will post them. They say Nascar fans are 60% men and 40% women - is that true? Is there 40% of you women out there for this question? Send them in we don't bite at least I don't.

One more Question for you to answer: I am the 18 time champion, won 12 Knoxville Nationals, 6 Kings Royals, is soon to be closing in on his 500th win, runs with the fastest show on dirt, who am I? The winner will receive one free picture autographed for the correct answer of this true legend. (That is, the first correct answer - I don't have 400 of these darn things).

Hey, I hear the Boss is out of town. Yep, Laurie has left us in charge for the month - she has some business to attend to. You know what they say when the cat’s away the mice will play. Now Laurie has told Wendy to keep an eye out for me this month to make sure I get my part done and I promised Wendy it would be on her computer Wednesday night. Well, guess what, it’s Thursday morning and I’m chopping away at this. Oh well. Wendy please don't let Laurie know my article was late again. You know what they say - everybody is replaceable. (Well, I don’t know about everybody, Todd – I won’t say a word-WS)

The other day I went to the gas station to get some, you guessed it gas. Right next to me was this beautiful Lexus, pure white, just gorgeous. We both pull out of the place at the same time, both taking a right out of the place, kinda glance at each other, so he goes out first, then I second and there is a stop sign right after you turn out. Now, I'm driving a 1979 Chevy Caprice station wagon he a 2004 Lexus. He stops at the stop sign me I'm going about 1/10th of a mile an hour it is glare ice my car keeps sliding forward and forward, I'm thinking oh darn, oh darn, and boink I bump him in the rear bumper. You could see that initial look up into the rearview, you could tell he was cussing bad, down right pissed, I mean we barley touched. We get out and it’s a very young kid. He says this is my Moms car, I thought nooooooooo, either he was the biggest Drug Dealer on this side of the Mississippi, or this was his mom’s car. I said, hey sorry, I couldn't stop. He looks at his bumper and there is a little black smudge from the rubber on my bumper. So I think, here we go, I'm going to be painting the whole rear section of his car. He licks his finger granted it’s 20 below zero rubs his bumper and the black mark came off he looks up and says no problem, have a great day. Wow wee thank you!

Bismarck holds the high school Rotary wrestling Tournament every year, this past month was the 38th annual. It was the strongest field ever assembled in the history some down right bad boys. Simley High School from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota came into the Rotary on something of a losing streak. Who could tell? The Spartans from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota grabbed three individual titles, paces 11 wrestlers, and ran away from the pack in the 38th annual rotary tournament with 253.5 points That put them far ahead of the Demons who ended up second with 175.5 points. Simley made short work of the tournament, clinching the championship in the Saturday morning wrestle backs. Then just for good measure the Spartans won three of four championship bouts, three of five third place matches, and one of two fifth place matches. This year’s winning total was the third-best in Rotary's 38-year history

Bismarck's Travis Lang wrestles the 125 pound class. This boy is shattering records that are down right amazing. Travis won his 5th rotary wrestling title. That's right nobody has ever done that before. He won it as an 8th grader, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grader. Lang went thru the tournament with 3 pins, a technical fall and a major decision. Along the way, Lang has raised his career pin total to 98 and his career record to 202-7 Way to go Travis. He’s going to be a legend forever at B.H.S. Those are big numbers to beat. And guess what Travis will get to go to any College he wants to and the whole tab will be a free ride. He will have college recruiters drooling on his parent’s kitchen table saying we want Travis at our college.

The old high school Basketball season is off and running strong, it’s gearing up to be a great Western Dakota Tournament. Century Boys are currently Number 1 in the state, they are good, with Bismarck holding down the 5th best spot in the state. Anybody got some live chickens they would like to throw out at the civic center games?

Well, its time to sign off for another month. I bid you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day, a wonderful wish to the beginning of the racing season. You know what they say, -Please excuse this Marriage for the beginning of the racing season.



Our congratulations to Brenda (Buechler) LaFromboise and her family.
Brenda and her husband recently became grandparents to a little girl, Eve Marie LaFromboise.

Congratulations to Kristi Haid, daughter of Janell (Bahmiller) and Donald Haid. Kristi graduated from NDSU in December with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology and Minors in Chemistry and Microbiology.



Kevin Bender has let us know that he and his family are back in the racing business! Kevin has been very busy rebuilding a race car and trailer for the upcoming racing season. Kevin hopes to showcase his new car at The Chowchilla Nationals in Chowchilla, CA, during the second weekend in March. Good luck Kevin!

Another one of our classmates is expecting this summer! They tell me they were very surprised but are very excited, we in turn wish them a very happy and healthy pregnancy! I thought for sure that we were done after Kelly (Weigel) Barak’s little boy was born late in 2003. But, I was wrong! I promise to share more when the newest baby arrives.

Kevin and I are planning a trip to sunny Florida in early June. Does anyone have any info. on great places to stay on the gulf coast side? We are looking to stay somewhere between the Clearwater and Sarasota area and want to be directly on the beach.
Lauri (Reed) Eckmann


Prayers of Support

Kevin and I are in the middle of a very personal family issue. We could sure use some prayers of support and strength and our house! If you have time and can include us in your prayers we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks everyone! Lauri (Reed) Eckmann



Our sympathies to Mary (Glatt) Zelmer and her family.
Mary’s sister, Bonnie Ensz, passed away in Bismarck on January 3rd.

Our sympathies to Craig Bitner and his family.
His father, Robert, passed away in Bismarck on January 11th.

Our sympathies to the family of Paul Eikanas
He passed away in Manassas, VA., on January 22. 
(Paul went to school with us while we were sophomores.)

Our sympathies to Doug Rian and his family.
His father, Allen Arnts, passed away January 22 in Bismarck.

Our sympathies to the class of 1980 and the family of Kenneth Hendrickson. 
Kenneth was killed in attack in Iraq on Saturday, January 24th. 
He was one of two National Guard members who were killed
and was part of the Bismarck-based 857th Multi-Role Bridge Company.

Our sympathies to Scott Carlson and his family.
His father, Douglas Carlson passed away in Bismarck on January 27.



How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single
moment before starting to improve the world.
–Anne Frank


Happy 41st Birthday to the following people! Also, Curt, Mary and Greg all share a birth date, as do Claire and Roxanne.

Todd McKinnon
Brenda (Buechler) LaFromboise
Pam (Eckroth) Schroeder
Curt Frieze
Mary (Kerzman) Rostad
Greg Johnson
Tammy (Lund) Reis
Kevin Nelson
Claire Gervias Blouin
Roxanne (Almer) Giles
Terri (Albrecht) Keller
Lisa Ilse
Mary (Kerzman) Rostad
Dana (Scheck) Becker

We hope you have a wonderful day!


Shari (Janke) and Steve Schmit – 8 years
Chris (Doerr) and Brian Wood – 11 years
Cheryl (Weichel) and Jim Streifel – 13 years
Rhonda (Levin) and Medardo Mendieta – 16 years
David and Yvonne Becker – 17 years

Our sincerest congratulations to all of you!

New Phone, New E-Mail Addresses, and
New Postal Addresses

Kevin Bender, Sue (Seitz) Ott, Claire Gervais, and Lyle Schadler
If you would like any of the new info., contact me!

Personal notes:

UPDATE: Those are red have been located! To all of you who sent in correct information, made phone calls, checked alumni books, etc., THANK YOU!
Your help is greatly appreciated!

Donald Grenz, everything in the reunion book is wrong
Karen Anderson - ND, ? phone, ? address
Troy Bailey- ? address, no phone
Beth (Nelson) Schumacher- ? address, no phone
James Barth- ? address, phone is wrong in the reunion book,
Paul Mundell- ? address, no phone
Anthony Roll- wrong number
Robin Diede- no phone, ? address, no e-mail
Brenda (Remmick) Baumann- no phone, ? address
Tim Mattis-phone is disconnected
Sandra Schumacher- ? address, no phone
Rita (Ziegler) Keller - ? address, phone is disconnected
David Gelvin-no clues
Eileen Dosch - ? address, phone is disconnected
Wendy (Halpern) Tippett-is the Dallas area somewhere
Penny (Slavik) Meier-phone is disconnected, ? address
Mary (Sweeney) Crompton - phone is disconnected, ? address
Kathy Wilson - no phone listed,
Wade Marsh-in Phoenix, Az, maybe in Mesa, no real clues
Laurie Paul - no phone number, though we do have a confirmation on her address.
Joyce Sperle- ? address, no phone number
Lori Wenger- ? address, no phone number
Jeffrey Conner
Timothy Miller
Timothy Steckler-? address, no phone
Carol Zentner
Richard Hoffman - ? address, no phone
Janet (Cripe) Laudenslager-no phone number
Karla Gallagher-? address, no phone number
David Gregware-? address, no phone
Jim Grenz- no phone number
Carla Hanson - no phone number
Roberta (Hellwig) Rivera - ? address, no phone
Gayle Johnson - ? address, no phone
Marilyn (Meidinger) Lysford - ? address, no phone
Laura Minar - ? address, no phone
Sandy (Unruh) Frieze - no phone
Andrew Prussing -? Address, no phone
Debbie Beston
Marco Brecada
Corrine Feist
Debra (Freadhoff) Berger- ? address, no phone
Jerry Hulm
Charles (CD) Johnson
Pamela Krogen
Brenda Loveless
Carlos Machado
Kelly Meyers
Regina Muncy
Joe Poitra
Theresa Ralston
Susan Scott
Cheryl Sparks
Dennis Thompson
Doug Thompson
Mark Werner
Lorraine White Eagle
Richard Wright

If you guys are reading this could you please get in touch with me! Your addresses have changed, your phone numbers are disconnected, your e-mail boxes are full, or we have no clues on how to contact you! I am trying very hard to keep everyone in the loop and my information up to date! Thanks very much! Lauri


We are having great fun doing this for all of you every month! We are more than welcome to your ideas! Feel free to let us know your thoughts and impressions on where you would like this newsletter to go or what you would like to know more about! Also, if you are willing to be interviewed, contact us, we would love to hear from you! See you next month! Lauri, Dan, Todd and Wendy keckmann@packersrock