The Bismarck High School Class of 1981 quarterly update

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Volume 64, July 2007


Hi everyone, Yeah, summer has arrived!  Not sure what happened to spring in Wisconsin, it never really happened, but we are loving the sunny weather in Wisconsin!    We also loved the sunny weather in Florida during May, what a nice break from real life.  Disney has a way of making the rest of your life disappear; it’s really nice to “check out” for a couple of days.  Down side…. reality always comes crashing back when you get off the plane.  Can any of you relate? 


Okay...I know I'm a little late this month; it's been a busy week!  I have to tell ya, last week I went to a Bon Jovi concert.  First one in many years.  Last concert I went to was Boston a couple years back, that was an experience in it’s own right, but this concert, this was an experience! 


First all of, the place is packed, average age 45 (old, you know, like us). 


Second, do you know what it is like to be sitting so close to someone that you can feel their keys digging into your legs?  Now, years ago that was cuddling, at 43, it is an invasion of my personal space.  J


Third, 35,000 people, over the age of 40 singing karaoke to Bon Jovi, is not pretty.  They think they remember the words from 1986, but they really don't, they really only know the chorus, and anything that he sang that was less than 10 years old, well, they knew none of those words, because they don’t really listen to Bon Jovi anymore.  That was the only time we got to hear the "real" Bon Jovi sing. 


Fourth, bic lighters are so past tense, now for an encore you see the blue glow of LCD's.  That was kinda funny looking and gave us all a good laugh, boy, times have changed.


Fifth, leather shoes are not for concerts.  Crocs, you know the ones that you can wash with a hose, those are the ticket.  Five spilled beers from the women behind me is something I would prefer not to do again.  Made me wish for a washable pair of shoes, and a new seat.  


Six, standing for two hours straight kills the back.  Though we had no choice really, our seats were soaked from those five beers the women spilled, so standing was the only option.  Expensive night for some young lady, me, I in turn, will need a massage in the near future. 


Seventh, we spent a fair amount of time looking backwards, rather than watching the concert, the chick behind was smashed and I had to keep checking on the status of her many beers, and the dude two people down spent the whole time trying not to puke, we were all trying to avoid that!  Aw, so many memories!  I’m pretty sure he never felt his head hit the toilet when he got home.   


Eighth, turn off the hearing aids!  They create an awful buzz when the “girls” behind you scream at that high pitch, you know the pitch you used to be able to scream at but can no longer do?   Now, it is just loud.    Remember, I have two daughters, that pitch they scream at could break glass or blow out that hearing aid. 


Ninth, closed caption would be a big bonus on those screens.  The hearing isn’t what is used to be, so most everything Bon Jovi said was a mumble; we couldn’t understand any of it, how pathetic are we?  Oh my gosh, my age is showing!


Tenth, the only song we knew all the words to was a song Bon Jovi did not write, but sang very well.  It was “Hallelujah” from Shrek…..that was so sad!   But, gave us a great laugh, as we all knew that song, it is from Shrek for goodness sakes.  Tells you a lot about my life and my movie choices as of late! 


Lastly, Bon Jovi is a great singer, he is great to look at, he makes 45 look darn good, and it made me remember why I was into ‘boy hair bands’ back in the day!  Hello, hello, hello!  What a man, what a great band!    


What a night!  Big reality check...most definitely.  It was much more fun in 1986, the beer was cheaper, we really did know the words to the songs, or at least we thought we did, and there was no need for a designated driver, so we all got to party.  (Basically the designated driver was whoever had a gas in their car, it ran, and if you could find it at the end of the night, you were the driver!)  Those were the days!     


Tips for next time, that is, if there is a next time.  Washable shoes, no bleacher seats, rain poncho, it would protect you from anything, bone up on the music and the words so your age doesn’t show, go with great friends, they make the whole night memorable and make for some great laughs!  Or better yet, try our plan.  Instead of buying tickets, have everyone chip in, rent a big screen and check him out on MTV unplugged!  Make someone promise to bring good beverages, sing any words you want to, and if you spill, clean it up yourself!   


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the newsletter!  As always, you did a great job and you always make me proud to be from the class of 1981!!! 


Take care, enjoy the beautiful summer, we deserve it!  Lauri, Dan and Wendy




Michael Dunn sent us this career update.

Dear Laurie - I was a Music Teacher for eleven years, but I needed to do something else.  I had done tech support for ISPS and computer manufacturers.   I decided to start my own business.  It is Computer Doctor.  I make house calls to fix customers computer problems. I LOVE it.  I am able to help people the way that they need to be helped.  It is great.  Michael Dunn, Computer Doctor


Bruce Sanborn has let us know that he ran his first full marathon on June 3rd.  He participated in the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon.  He completed the race in 5:15, a 12-minute mile.  Great job Bruce, that is quite the accomplishment at 43!

Another congratulations to Tammy (Pettis) Sine, she is a grandma once again!  That makes 8!  She was wondering is she holds the record, I told her at this point she may hold it for many more years, as I don’t know of anyone else who is even trying to compete!  J



!!!!Congratulations Graduates!!!!


Lori (Ford) and John Moore are very proud to announce that her oldest stepson Jonathan Moore graduated from high school on June 1. He will be going to the University of Tulsa on a track scholarship.   They also let us know that their daughter, Lorin, just finished kindergarten.  Lastly, Lori commented that their 15 year old got his driver’s license the same week, and that the latter two made her feel much older than the former! 

Mary (Lindsey) and Kevin Gereszek are very proud to announce that their daughter Lindsey is now a Grad. School Graduate.  She graduated in May from Iowa State with a Master of Science in biochemistry and toxicology.  Their youngest, Josie will be attending Simle in the fall.  Mary added that “life is good”!



Basil Hipple and Alice Kupke were married in a beautiful ceremony on May 12th, in Sheridan, WY.   


Mary (Schmidt) Ohlhauser also sent in nuptial news. 


Tom (Hulm - SMCSH '79)  & I are more than happy to announce we are engaged!  Thank goodness for the internet, or it never would have happened.

I met Tom in 1982 at a 4th of July party.  We didn't get together until the following weekend when we attended a concert at the Fargo fairgrounds with other friends and classmates.  At that time, Tom & I dated for about 2 weeks.  That fall, he attended NDSU & I was at BSC (BJC).  We kept in contact by writing letters. 

Fast-forward to March 2005.  I was looking through my college stuff for a slide rule on financial ratios, but instead found all the letters all my friends and family sent me during the college years.  (ah, the age of no cell phones and very expensive long distance).  I read them all.  Tom's stuck out since he didn't write just letters.  He's letters included short stories.  Really good ones.  So I thought "I wonder if he'd like these back.  He could share them with his wife and kids."   So I googled him.  I found him in 10 minutes.  He was living in Mansfield, PA.  I sent him an e-mail.  Thankfully, he opened it.  He almost didn't since he didn't recognize my name.  That started daily e-mailing for about a month.  (There was no wife or kids)  We went from e-mail to instant messaging for 2 more months.  In June 2005, he came home for a week.  We had a great time together.  Before he boarded plane for PA, we both bought web cams.  Another great modern invention.  We spent 2-3 hours most nights on the webcam getting to know one another again.  We'd watch movies & TV shows together.  Play internet games.  And just talk.  Every 2 to 3 months, one of us would travel so we could spend time together in person.  In October 2006, he moved back to Bismarck.  On May 30th, he surprised me by proposing to me at the top of the grandstands at the Fargo fairgrounds where we had first gotten together 20+ years earlier.  There wasn't anything going on at the fairgrounds, but he had called ahead and arranged to have it open for us.  Tentatively, we are planning an March 2008 wedding.

Our sincerest congratulations to the new couples! 


Vacation Highlights


As many of you know we took a much-needed vacation in May.  We spent about 6 days in Florida with the mouse and a couple of days on the coast with Tropical storm Barry (our first tropical storm).  Our rental home in Florida was very nice, good company, good weather, the beverages were cold, the mouse and friends were great fun for the kids, and the adults really enjoyed the new roller coaster ride at Animal Kingdom (it rocks).   


In the Cocoa Beach, we had a 3rd floor suite overlooking the ocean (thank goodness for free rooms via charge card points) and in the morning, as Barry came on through we even had own private pool in our suite!    Yes, Barry dropped 5” of rain, and a good part of it came in through the air conditioner and the gaps around the door, door insulation is somewhat nonexistence in Florida housing.  It was wonderful to wake up to the “swish” sound as your feet hit the floor.  Luckily we were in good company, as most everyone on our floor also had water issues.  Thankfully, we were leaving that day, and after a couple hour delays we made it home to our dry, much cooler home.  All and all it was a great vacation and was full of memories for my daughters, that’s all that really mattered!  Lauri Reed Eckmann



On the Mend


Roxann (Almer) Giles left me a message on the 4th.  She wanted everyone to know that she had her 3-month check-up and she is still in remission and doing very well!  Her next appointment isn’t for six months now!  YEAH!  She once again thanks all of you for your continued prayers of support and promises to keep us posted on her continued recovery. 


   On the Move!

Not only did Basil Hipple get married in May, but he also made a move.  He is no longer in Gillette, WY but is now calling Sheridan home. 

Our Sympathies

Our sympathies to Jodi Malling and her family.  Jodi’s father, Robert Malling , passed away on June 22nd in Bismarck. 



David Horner was the only person we know of who is turning 45 in July, all the rest, they are turning 44! Dawn (Allmendinger) Nelson, Darrel A. Bosch, Dwight Weisz, Barb (Morlock) Steinke, Dana (Stahlberg) Ward, Melody (Carlson) Karlberg, Linda (Sprenger) Kurtz, Mark Brostrom, Blaine Clooten, Lauri (Reed) Eckmann, and DeAnn (Stack) Balanga.

Happy 44rd to many, these are our August birthday’s!  Sue (Seitz) Ott, Deanna (Geisinger)Dailey, Della Boutrous, Randy Roesler, Jim Chase, Ken Horner, Dennis Hopfauf, Scott Fettig, Timothy Mattis, Tammy (Sclinger) Siems, Wendy (Cleveland) Siegel, Dean Wolf, Deb Kirpach, Lisa (Stratton) Lewis, Kerry (Morris) Wagner, Sandy Gross, Terri (Wilson) Hodgin, and Dan Greinsteiner.

September Birthdays: Happy 45th to Dannette Henrikson, Denise (Rebel) Frieze, and Barb (Matecjek) Schmitcke.  Everyone is celebrating 44!  Paula (Perry) Williams, Debbie (Isaak) Dosch, Julie (Msjolness) Lindstrom, Jean Walton, Joe Dietrich, Tammy (Rebel) Wagner, Laura (Gulbrandson) Bronson, and Cheryl (Weichel) Streifel.

We hope you have a wonderful day!



26 years
Terri (Wilson) and Pete Hodgin

Todd and Tammie Zarfos

22 years
Sandy (Johnson) and Cleary Johs

21 years
Scott and Jean (Dunn) Gefroh

18 years
Tim and Laura Williams

13 years
Wanda (Ferderer) and Gaylen Dvorsak
Chris and Andrea Grondahl

9 years
Nadine (Schafer) and Aaron Morelli

5 years
Laura McDaniel and Terry Steen



23 years
Scott and Terri (Albrecht) Keller
Corrine (McLean)  and Dale Zerr

22 years
Lori (Grishkowsky) and Arlo Pettis

21 years
Heidi (Krenz) and Steve Pflipsen
Curt and Denise (Rebel) Frieze

19 years
Ray and Melissa Horner

14 years
George and Peggy Piehl

13 years
Paula (Whitlock) and Albert Ludwig

5 years
Mark and Christine Peltz



23 years
Blaine and Coleen Clooten

22 years
Dale and Barb (Matejcek) Schmitcke
Connie (Wiedrick) and Scott Samuelson

19 years
Kristi (Backstrand) and Dean Learn
Dirk and Holly Kienzle

18 years
Lew and Kelly Harter

17 years
Laurie (Zacher) and Dan Savageau
Blaine and Denise Clausnitzer

16 years
Dawn (Allmendinger) and Garrett Nelson 

12 years
Jim and Lori Chase
Rod and Tanya Wetsch

11 years
Wendy (Cleveland) and Lance Siegel

Our sincerest congratulations to all of you!