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Volume 39, March 2004


Hi everyone,

Well, I'm back online and ready to do justice to March's newsletter! Dan, Todd and Wendy did a great job last month, nice to know that when one of us is in a pinch the rest can step-up and do a fabulous job! (Though I hope we never lose Todd, I could never write a column like he does each month!) I had some personal issues to deal with and had to go back to ND for about 10 days over the 1st of the month so they took over. Great job!

So here is my news: My trip to ND was full of emotions, both high and low, but in the end it all came together with the adoption of our second daughter, Kylie Jo. Kylie was born on 2/3/04, was 7 pounds 4 ounces, and was 20 3/4 inches long. We were very lucky in the fact that we were able to take her home from the hospital, unlike Rachel who was in foster care for a month. We then had to spend about 9 more days in ND after discharge while things settled out and the papers were all filed. We are now all home in Waukesha, and doing great! Kylie is being spoiled by everyone and letting us know who is in charge at about 3:00 a.m.! It was a bit of a surprise and the speedy private adoption was a challenge, but it was worth it. It has been about a month now since we initially contacted and we are all adjusting very well to our new roles and our new family.

Rachel loves being a big sister, I am enjoying our family of four, and Kevin is wondering how we will ever survive a toddler in three years, a puberty challenged 10 year old and a 43 year old women who is in a menopausal crisis all at the same time!  A sense of humor may be a necessity, that and an open door policy at our local Holiday Inn! We are also wondering if they will direct deposit our Social Security check to the fees department at our local university, as Kylie will still be in college when SS begins at our house! In reality though, it is a true blessing for everyone and we are thrilled at our latest addition!

All right, unto the newsletter. First, thank you to Marlene (Vetter) Janzer for being our March sponsor, we appreciate your support! For those of you not familiar, Marlene is a CHS grad., our first Century sponsor! Thanks Marlene for stepping up, we are happy to know that those CHS grads are enjoying what we do also! As always, the newsletter is full of the usual stuff! Todd continues to give us his opinion, we have our interview, a German recipe, humor, the works! You guys came through again!

Have a great month! See ya in April, Dan, Todd, Wendy and Lauri

"In-depth and Personal with…Janell (Bahmiller) Haid"

Name: Janell Haid (Bahmiller)
Career/occupation: Comptroller/Office Manager at Bismarck Honda-Nissan-Hyundai
Home: Bismarck, ND
Family: Kristi 23, Kevin 19
Greatest accomplishments: Raising my children to the age they are now without drug/alcohol problems
What do you have in your pockets: Prescription drugs for my arthritis
Fantasy (or reality) job: I would love to be a surgeon in a large metropolitan city
Latest book you've read: The purpose driven life
Favorite music/musicians:
Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, John Mellencamp, I love a lot of the new artists Michelle Branch, Matchbox 20, Fuel, Nickelback, oh…there are just to many to mention
Recommended movies: Something’s got to give
Where have you traveled? The whole western part of the United States
Favorite foods: I like a lot of the usual things popcorn, potato chips, ice cream
Hobbies/second career: In 2003 I added scuba diving and sky diving to my hobbies. This year I want to learn how to play golf and ride a motorcycle. (being a passenger on a motorcycle is boring)
Pet peeves: People who lie
Memories of Bismarck (good ones): Swimming at the hillside pool


A little ND humor!

Submitted by Chuck Glaser and Twila (Krein) Wanner, seemed very appropraite!!

It's winter in North Dakota,
And the gentle breezes blow,
70 miles per hour, at 52 below!

Oh, how I love North Dakota,
When the snow's up to your butt,
You take a breath of winter air,
And your nose freezes SHUT!!!

Yes, the weather here is wonderful,
I guess I'll hang around,
I could never leave North Dakota,

Here’s looking at you babe!!
I have uploaded some new pictures of our family, just had to share! Lauri


Our recipe this month is a German favorite.
It is called "Schmawen" and it is from Tammy (Schlinger) Siems.


Submitted by Basil Hipple

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming-- WOW--What a Ride!" -author unknown


Happy Birthday to the following people!
Duane and Vonnie are turning 42, the rest are 41! Char, Brad and Sandy share a birthday, as do Mark and Kipper, Jody and Chris, and Don and Duane.

Duane Gross
Vonnie (Spier) Greinsteiner
Derrick Lindemann
Char (Beck) Garrett
Brad Wolfer
Sandy (Johnson) Johs
Pamela (Erhardt) Doll
Alan Bain
Ric Fernandez
Mark Roehrich
Kipper Wilson
Kelly (Malard) Anderson
Tim Oster
Jody (Ismir) Lockwood
Chris Grondahl
Daniel Verhoeven
Don Nelson
Duane Staus
Scott Beierle
Mary Falhsing
Liz Miller
Chuck Glaser

We hope you have a wonderful day!


Jay and Lisa Yeager -6 years!

Our sincerest congratulations to the both of you!

Todd gives us his view, and he is …..


Compliments of Todd Jueth
Please note: Todd’s views are strictly his own. They are provided for our reading enjoyment and do not necessarily reflect the views of those associated with the Class of 81, it’s newsletter, or its web site. Comments sent to me will be forwarded to Todd or you may e-mail him personally toddjueth@bis.midco.net Thanks, Lauri

Hello fellow class mates and onlookers. It is March in case you were wondering. That means spring is close behind. I'll tell you what, in North Dakota we will really appreciate spring this year. Most of February was down right sub-zero it’s been about 6 to 7 years since the last time we experienced a winter like this. If you lived here before and have since moved to a warm climate you don't know what you’re missing.

What's happening is Bismarck? Well, Two 20 year old Bismarck men thought they would try something different so they went to the parking lot of the Bank of North Dakota, and right there in the parking lot was a Bismarck-Mandan Securities van containing more than $10,000 dollars. So, the two boys pull out a BB gun and shoot out the window of this locked van and steal it. Now, we call that bank robbery and these boys did not think too hard about this one. Within minutes all police, National Guard, and even the Governor received a call. They all started to tour the city. Hey, they even combed the city with planes and helicopters. Now, these two boys about pulled this off - they drove the van to north Seventh Street and dumped it in an alley. About an hours time has passed and they have not been found yet. So, by chance, a police officer noticed a Pontiac Grand Prix on south 12th Street and the individuals in the car were burning something. They were burning the checks from the bank bags. A police chase ensued. At one point, Cory Hinkle jumped from the car with the back pack and stolen money and was caught, and Jay R. Trousdale later turned himself in to the police. Now, for these two boys heroic efforts they will receive 20 years of college education at the crow bar college out east of Bismarck better know as the State Penitentiary. Good Luck Boys.

A little advisement to all - I do have  a new e-mail address. The reason I'm telling you this is because I went back into my old one and found 365 e-mails, there was the usual Spam ones, and I went thru them one at a time and found some from class mates, I won’t mention who but I want to say I apologize for not responding. But the fact is, I don't go to that e-mail anymore. So, I believe my new one is always posted at the heading of my column each month. Now Lauri has put it there so if I piss any of you off in my column each month you can e-mail me and give me a piece of your mind. And hey, that's cool if you gotta get it off your mind. Or for the ones who just want to say hey both sides are always welcome. Now I have to put a notice out to Scott Beierlie -I haven't heard from you in a while and I lost your e-mail address - you change it too much. Send me a line on your new one.

I was all ready to give you all the goods of the Bismarck Demons’ wrestling team but can’t find all my notes, so I'm frustrated right now. But I'll take it from memory. Don't be shocked but the Demons won their 27th state wrestling championship out in the Fargo dome. You and I can remember, this stuff has been going on since we were 14 years old. Bismarck also won the state duel championship. For those of you who are not aware of this format at state now, the first two days of the wrestling tournament are team duel championships and it came down to BISMARCK AND WEST FARGO. Bismarck won the duel by about 13 points which doesn't seem like a lot but it is. I do not think the East learned how to wrestle, yet. It also was West Fargo who finished second to Bismarck in the individual portion. You really have to step back and think about this - 27 state championships and many individual champions thru the years. My hat is off to all who have participated in the Demons wrestling program thru the years. It takes champions to teach champions and that's who has been guiding our Demons for a few years now. They are past champions Scott Knowlen and Jeff Shoemacker. Some of my facts may be sketchy for this article but who cares same old news DEMONS WIN WHAT'S NEW.

Basketball tournaments are just getting under way with the west region tournament a week away our Bismarck Demons will be going in as the top rated team in the state at 15-4. Now lets just hope they come out of it as the state champ. The west tournament should be a tight classic as always for the three Bismarck teams are all very good and all have a legitimate shot at being west region and state champs.

Also the state hockey tournament is getting under way and Bismarck and Century are both there and both have a legitimate chance at winning the state title. The western North Dakota schools have come a long way on playing hockey. At one time western schools just showed up to fill the west seeds, now they are actual contenders. Just like the east couldn't wrestle and the west couldn't play hockey, now the east has kinda figured out how to wrestle and the west knows how to play hockey - should be interesting. Also, not to be forgotten is the state girls’ hockey tournament, from the capital city, Bismarck is the only team representing us. Hey, Women's hockey has come a long way. Though they can not body check each other like the boys, it is a fast paced game and interesting to watch. Good luck to all the little Demons. A little note, class mate Glenn Bosch has a son on Century's hockey Team. His name is Mike Bosch and the kid is good he plays on the first line and I believe he is in the top 2 for scoring for Century. Good luck Mike.

Here's a touchy subject, anybody I ever met from California who didn't know jack about North Dakota always thought we still rode in covered wagons. That's cool, well, we have made progress and we now have cars and trucks, but we don't take our best friend Joe down to city hall and marry him. I’d have to say we in North Dakota have our heads screwed on right and am questioning if California boys and gals do. Snap out of it.

March is a historical month for all of North Dakota. As a matter of fact, the 25th would be the date of the beginning of us joining the multi-state lottery system. It’s time to get rich. Seriously nothing has ever replaced hard work in order to get somewhere, don't ever depend your life on an all out chance - keep it all in perspective. I think Art Link should get to buy the first lottery card. This man was right - he said that if we vote for the lottery prostitution would be close behind. Well, almost right prostitution beat the lottery. On February 20th Fargo North Dakota Police broke up a prostitution ring. It was advertised in the want ads of the Fargo forum as rent a dancer for the evening. Well seems these dancers also did side favors, (imagine the chances of that happening). So the lottery has taken second to an old west profession. 

We haven't had a chance to talk since the Superbowl. Whoever thought people would talk about the halftime show more than the actual game. Hey, it was all planed. Just look at the name of the song they were singing. What a great game I was pulling for the Oakland Raiders but, oh yeah that was last year. Did ya get your Nascar picks in yet? Laurie will post them. I had one sent to me as Big Jack Roush fans, so far looking good on that pick. Well, mine is Dale Little E #8 Budweiser. 

Hey I gota go now hope you all have a great day - take care, be safe.


from Corrine (McLean) Zerr
Todd asked for some NASCAR (NastyCar) input from the class. For his poll from last month, I would like to state that #1: One of my drivers DID win the very last Winston Cup EVER in 2003....Matt Kenseth. As we are Roush Racing fans, we were happy as could be to see Jack get a championship, and would like this year to go to his teammate and co-car owner, MY MAN Mark Martin. And yeah, the long winter is nearly over and the engines willbe roaring at Daytona again in no time at all!!!!!! Bummer about Winston, the Nextel Cup sounds nerdy, like you are going to get a pocket protector at the races instead of little American flags or something!!

From Todd Zarfos
In response to Jueth's question last month, put me down for Rusty Wallace to win the Nascar championship this year. He probably won't......but he is still my favorite.



Submitted by Don Nelson

"I have some news to pass on to you also. I am moving out of Delaware. I am being reassigned to Vandenberg AFB in California. It is about 4-5 hours south of where Jo Ann is so it will be nice to at least be home on the weekends. I am leaving here the end of March. On March 1st, I sew on Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) so there aren’t anymore promotions out there for me. Jo Ann is coming out here on Thursday for the pin on ceremony so that will be nice."

This is quite the accomplishment for Don, our sincerest congratulations!!


This came from Scott Gefroh on February 17th, thought you all might like the update.

Hi Lauri,
"Just another big thank you from Jean and I to all of our classmates that have been praying for us during and after my surgery. Things went very well and it has been 3 months since my trip to Mayo. I have been back to teaching and coaching at Horizon since January 5 and I am back to my usual running routine, too. I am still gaining strength each day and my doctor here in Bismarck said to not expect a complete recovery for at least a year or so. I am so fortunate to be given a new lease on life. Thanks again to you, Dan, Todd, and Wendy for all you do for all of us."
Sincerely, Scott G.

Earl Jensen
is back online with us! Earl has been stationed in Iraq for many, many months and he just let me know that he was home and readjusting to life with family. He promises to give me an update as soon as he relaxes and reconnects with loved ones! Welcome back Earl!!


Our sincerest sympathies to Ray Wangler and his family.
His mother Anna, passed away in Bismarck on Feb. 13.

New Phone, New E-Mail Addresses, and

New Postal Addresses

Kathy Wilson

If you would like any of the new info., contact me!

Personal notes:

UPDATE: Those are red have been located! To all of you who sent in correct information, made phone calls, checked alumni books, etc., THANK YOU!
Your help is greatly appreciated!

Donald Grenz, everything in the reunion book is wrong
Karen Anderson - ND, ? phone, ? address
Troy Bailey- ? address, no phone
Beth (Nelson) Schumacher- ? address, no phone
James Barth- ? address, phone is wrong in the reunion book,
Paul Mundell- ? address, no phone
Anthony Roll- wrong number
Robin Diede- no phone, ? address, no e-mail
Brenda (Remmick) Baumann- no phone, ? address
Tim Mattis-phone is disconnected
Sandra Schumacher- ? address, no phone
Rita (Ziegler) Keller - ? address, phone is disconnected
David Gelvin-no clues
Eileen Dosch - ? address, phone is disconnected
Wendy (Halpern) Tippett-is the Dallas area somewhere
Penny (Slavik) Meier-phone is disconnected, ? address
Mary (Sweeney) Crompton - phone is disconnected, ? address
Wade Marsh-in Phoenix, Az, maybe in Mesa, no real clues
Laurie Paul - no phone number, though we do have a confirmation on her address.
Joyce Sperle- ? address, no phone number
Lori Wenger- ? address, no phone number
Jeffrey Conner
Timothy Miller
Timothy Steckler-? address, no phone
Carol Zentner
Richard Hoffman - ? address, no phone
Janet (Cripe) Laudenslager-no phone number
Karla Gallagher-? address, no phone number
David Gregware-? address, no phone
Jim Grenz- no phone number
Carla Hanson - no phone number
Roberta (Hellwig) Rivera - ? address, no phone
Gayle Johnson - ? address, no phone
Marilyn (Meidinger) Lysford - ? address, no phone
Laura Minar - ? address, no phone
Sandy (Unruh) Frieze - no phone
Andrew Prussing -? Address, no phone
Debbie Beston
Marco Brecada
Corrine Feist
Debra (Freadhoff) Berger- ? address, no phone
Jerry Hulm
Charles (CD) Johnson
Pamela Krogen
Brenda Loveless
Carlos Machado
Kelly Meyers
Regina Muncy
Joe Poitra
Theresa Ralston
Susan Scott
Cheryl Sparks
Dennis Thompson
Doug Thompson
Mark Werner
Lorraine White Eagle
Richard Wright

If you guys are reading this could you please get in touch with me! Your addresses have changed, your phone numbers are disconnected, your e-mail boxes are full, or we have no clues on how to contact you!  I am trying very hard to keep everyone in the loop and my information up to date! Thanks very much! Lauri


We are having great fun doing this for all of you every month! We are more than welcome to your ideas! Feel free to let us know your thoughts and impressions on where you would like this newsletter to go or what you would like to know more about! Also, if you are willing to be interviewed, contact us, we would love to hear from you! See you next month! Lauri, Dan, Todd and Wendy keckmann@packersrock