The Bismarck High School Class of 1981 monthly update

Volume 11, November 2001

Hi everyone,

There is a small change this month in our newsletter, from here on out I will only include one interview per newsletter. This little change will give us a much longer life; it enables me to keep on going well into 2002. Basically all interviews I have received will get shifted back a month or so, but they will all get posted. I hope everyone understands.

So, on that note, this month our newsletter includes an interview with Deanna (Geisinger) Dailey. A big thank you to Jon Kaseman and Jon Western for doing the interviews last month. They both appear to be doing super! Next month watch for Lisa (Moser) Kienzle, still in Bismarck, and doing wonderfully well!

An apology is due to Jon Western and Mike Ehrmantraut. Last month Mike’s paragraph about how he met his spouse ended up in Jon’s interview for about a day. Those of you who caught it-you win, and you also have a leg up on Mike’s interview which will post in the New Year. As always, I take all the credit and am very sorry! I honestly read these newsletters so many times that I think I lose the ability to proof them at 11:00 on the last day of the month. Anybody want a proof reading job, I obviously could use an assistant!

One more addition to last month’s military section is Randy Cleveland. I recently spoke with Randy and found out that he is still in the military and is a recruiter in UT., he told me that "retirement" is 2003.

***Next month we will have a "holiday wishes" section, if you would like to send holiday wishes to your classmates, please send them to me by Nov. 27th. The format will be similar to that of the reunion section in the August newsletter. I am also willing to forward pictures if anyone would like to do so, forward them to me via a scanned copy, or send them to me via postal mail and I will scan them for you.***

Have a great month, see ya in December, HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Lauri


The Reunion Video is nearing completion and will be made available around November 20th. Currently there is almost two hours of captivating footage. If anyone plans on purchasing one please contact Dan Raszler by e-mail at the following addresses: promo7@swbell.net or Webmaster@bhsclassof81.com. I would like to get an estimate of how many copies need to be produced. The price has not been determined as of yet, but an estimate is around $20 and it will be worth every penny!


"You know, I wasn't really all that excited about our class reunion because there weren't a lot of people that I hung around with in high school that were going to be there. I really had some apprehensions about getting together with a bunch of people that I had not ever bothered to have a conversation with in high school, but decided what the ****. For those of you that remember me from high school, you probably remember me as a "load", that was my label.

Well, to be honest with you, I never got high once during high school. I got the label because of the people I hung around with. I never tried to change it and I spent my BHS years thinking that somehow it was someone else's fault. And, I was as bad as anyone else at stereotyping people, I didn't initiate any conversations, I didn't try to get to know anyone, or take the time to rebuild any friendships from grade school or junior high. We spent so much time labeling people, and judging them, and paid all the attention in the world to each other’s differences, that we, or at least I, never took the time to see the similarities. Now, after 20 years, when we've stopped labeling each other, & stopped looking for the differences, I see things a lot different. I regret that I didn't have more confidence, that I didn't take the time, and I didn't get to know more people. Just think, if we could have seen the similarities 20 yrs. ago, how many more friends would we all have.

I visited with quite a few people that I hadn't talked to since high school and some that I hadn't talked to since grade school or junior high and thought, Wow, why didn't I stay in touch, or why didn't I take the time to get to know these people in high school? Think about it, some of the people we thought would definitely be career people are stay at home moms, some that we thought wouldn't amount to much are extremely successful, but most of us are just ordinary people with ordinary jobs and ordinary families. More of us could have been friends. OK, I'll stop already, sorry for rambling." Paula McGarvery Buchman


"In-depth and Personal with …Deanna (Geisinger) Dailey
Name: Deanna (Geisinger) Dailey
Career/occupation: HELP-LINE Program Assistant for the Mental Health Association in ND
Home: Bismarck, ND
Family: I am twice divorced with two children – Desiree is 15, and Dane is 12.
Spouses occupation: Deadbeat dads
Greatest accomplishments: Raising two kids without the benefit of child support or public assistance, helping AG Heidi Heitkamp pass legislation permitting the civil commitment of sexually dangerous persons, sobering up 13 years ago.
People whom you admire and why: Heidi Heitkamp – she’s so very human even while holding an important person; my boss, Rose Stoller – an amazing and funny woman with the biggest heart I can imagine.
What do you have in your pockets: Right now? Nothing. (This is usually the case. See questions 4, 5, & 6)
Fantasy (or reality) job: Rock star!
Latest book you've read: I am currently reading "Your Sixth Sense – Activating Your Psychic Potential."
Favorite music/musicians: Aerosmith.
Recommended movies: "Of Mice & Men", "Awakenings"
Favorite cities and why? I really enjoy Denver & Deadwood. I moved to Denver in 1982 after my mom died. I like how you can be in the hub of the city and just a half-hour later, be on top of a mountain all by yourself. But this ole’ ND girl couldn’t handle the crime and had to come home after just six months.
Where have you traveled? Both coasts, but not very often. I usually make it to the Black Hills every summer.
Favorite place to vacation? Any place you would recommend? I think everyone should attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at least once in their life, an unbelievable experience for all!
Favorite foods: Chinese.
Hobbies/second career: I used to enjoy riding my Harley, but I sold it last year. I still enjoy riding behind my boyfriend, though, and I still consider myself a motorcycle enthusiast! I do some crafts now and recently started to exercise again (I quit smoking 3 months ago), but I really don’t have much spare time (see below).
What if any community service organizations are you involved with? I work for the Mental Health Association as the Program Assistant for the HELP-LINE. The HELP-LINE is a crisis intervention, information & referral service. Besides doing this as my day job, I am also on call quite a bit. It is not uncommon for me to have to leave a restaurant, etc., to take a suicide call or to talk someone down from an anxiety attack. I am always recruiting volunteers (this is a hint for all of you still in the Bismarck area!) and advocating on behalf of the mentally ill.
Pet peeves: People who switch to the far right lane so they can sit through the red light and ultimately go straight when I would have been able to make a right on red and not sat through the light.
Memories of Bismarck (good ones): I have many of them. You’d have to give me a time period from which to select my favorite!
Memories of BHS (good ones): In my sophomore year, I had 4th & 5th period off. This meant I had 2 hours to goof off. I would usually spend that free time getting messed up on some substance or another and return for my 6th period class. Eventually I missed 6th & 7th period two weeks straight and finally got busted for it. (Hey, I don’t have lots of good memories of BHS, I suppose mostly due to my own behavior. But I almost always had a really good time for those 2 hours!)
Favorite teachers at BHS and why: I didn’t give them a chance to make a good impression on me. I suppose Mrs. Decker would be one who stands out as having had the most impact on my future – I took office ed courses all through high school and went on to do that work throughout most of my adult life. In spite of my "extra-curricular" activities, she always made me feel like I was good at something!
Favorite high school hang-outs: Across the street smoking, main street, our older friends’ apartments, the desert, Girl Scout Camp, and especially Sertoma Park (before they chopped it all up) – wherever there was a party.
People you hoped would be able to come to the reunion this summer? I enjoyed junior high so much and the reason was because of nearly all the kids I got to go there with. We all had sort of different ways of entertaining ourselves after school was over, but we all had fun together during the day. When we went to high school, this seemed to change and all of a sudden, no one wanted to acknowledge anyone who wasn’t in their social circle. This was quite sad for me, I must admit. (This has much to do with why I refused to go to BHS reunion – why spend all that money to have the same people ignore me that did it for free all those years ago?) I hope as many as possible came to this reunion and saw how we all turned out as adults. Here’s a warning: I’m not sure that I qualify as an adult – I’ve been accused of not quite growing up. I’ve been known to go with my boyfriend drag-racing teenagers on Main Street (and winning!) and my teenage daughter calls me a "hoochie-mama" cuz I tend to not dress or behave much like a traditional 37-year-old mother.



After nine years with the ND Assn. of Recs, Jean Walton has decided to make a career change. She recently accepted the position as the executive director for the North Dakota Water Coalition. She hopes to begin her new position on or about Nov. 5th.
Congratulations on the new job Jean!!



Don Nelson has let us know that as of mid-Sept. he has been deployed to some place "hot". At present he is says that he is well, learning a lot, working some long hard hours, and attempting to adjust to the weather. Currently he does not know how long he will be gone or when he will be returning but he will keep us posted.

For those of you who still haven’t had the opportunity to check out Doug Rian (nee’ Arnts) performance in the video "Desperado’s in Love" by the Bellamy Brothers you may want to try out this link, www.belllamybros.com , (You will need RealPlayer to view this clip).  It is set up so that you can go right to the video!  Yes, that really is our Doug cruising down the road on that Harley, and yes, that really is him making out with that beautiful woman (my husband’s opinion) by the campfire! Many men are prob. thinking that you are one lucky guy Doug! It will be airing on CMT for a while yet, try and check it out!
Great job Doug!


Welcome to the world little one

Julie (Mjolsness) and Brent Lindstrom welcomed Joseph Freeman Lindstrom into the world on Oct. 6, (their 11th wedding anniversary), at 3:32 p.m., he weighed in at 9 lbs. - 8 oz. (and he was a week early!) and was 22 inches long.
Julie says that he's happy, healthy and a fabulous eater!
(pictures are available from me, let me know if you would like to see them)

Keith and Nina Remmich welcomed their son Jake Dylan into the world on May 31st.
He is joined at home in Texas by big sister Tara.

Our sincerest congratulations to both of them!!


Lisa (Stratton) Lewis’s father, Lewis "Dean" Stratton, passed away on Oct. 8th.
Please remember her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.


New Phone, New E-Mail Addresses, and
New Postal Addresses

We have new e-mail addresses for the following people: Penny (Berquist) House, Myra (Kordononwy) LeCaptain, Leroy McCormick, Todd Nelson, Maren (Swenson) Waxenberg, Randy Cleveland, Keith Remmick, Shane Winistorfer, Lisa (Wachter) Harris, Duane Staus, DeAnn (Stack) Balanga, Robin (Scheifelbein) Ferderer, Shannon Sailer, Tim Oster, Tom Moser, Deb Kirpach, Mike Smith, Bryon Weichel, Mike Smith, Mary Ann (Getz) Claycomb, Jean Walton and Dennis Hopfauf.

We also have new postal addresses on Claude Kaseman, Tom Gerhardt and Tom Moser.

If you would like any of the new info., contact me!

(For privacy reasons, I will not post that type of info. on this web page.)
We now have e-mail addresses for over 200 classmates,
if you would like to find someone let me know!


Periodically I send out info. which is not included in this newsletter, like e-mail changes, address changes, etc. For privacy reasons we do not post that type of info. on the web page, unless someone includes it in their personal interview. We will try to update all of that info. via e-mail only. I would love to keep you informed also, but I need to know how to contact you!

Personal notes:
Does anyone know how to reach these people?

Pearl (Throndahl) Mohr, Marla (Backhaus) Anderson, Kathy Berg, Julie (Frieze) Burgress, Karen (Oswald) James, Roxanne (Almer) Giles, Mary (Sweeney) Crompton, Tammy (Lund) Reis, Jeff Aune, and Mike Novacek, if you guys are reading this could you please get in touch with me! Your addresses have changed, your phones numbers are disconnected or your e-mail boxes are full, thus I can no longer contact you.  I am trying very hard to keep everyone in the loop and my information up to date!
Thanks very much! Lauri

Remember when……
gray hair was something your parents had? Well, let me tell you, I think I am becoming my mom, or better yet my grandmother! I never thought you could get so much gray in such a short period of time. I honestly haven’t used a semi-permanent rinse since last spring, wanted to be my natural color at the reunion, but not any more! Those silver strands are just not the look I am going for! Gray looks great on some people, but on me, well, when I put my hair up and look in the mirror, I just see some "old relative"! YIKES!!!!! First thing I will be doing when I get home to WI is see my stylist! Maybe I will go purple??? Or better yet how about bright red for the holidays?? All I do know is that I am not going down without a good fight! Can’t do much about the wrinkles, the sagging "everywhere", but I can do something about my hair!


Mary (Schmidt) Ohlhauser sent us this little bit of Bismarck News…I think we had all better stay tuned to www.bismarcktribune.com to see what happens with this big game!

"Jayme (Mary’s son) is a junior this year and playing football. After the first round of playoffs, the BHS varsity football team is 10-0 for the season. Next week they play Whapeton. So this coming up weekend (Nov 3) is BHS vs Whap, and Fargo South vs. Dickinson. Winners meet the following week in the Fargo Dome for state championship. BHS has a really good running back this year. His name is Derek Kinnischtzke. He is a senior and he has set the BHS record for yards run in a game this year. They're fun to watch!"

Jean Walton also sent us the Main Street update… "Main street--still not done as of today (Oct. 28), I'm sure it will be finished after Wednesday (Oct. 31) when I no longer need it to get to this job!!!"


I am having great fun doing this for all of you every month! I am more than welcome to your ideas! Feel free to let me know your thoughts and impressions on where you would like this newsletter to go or what you would like to know more about! Also, if you are willing to be interviewed, contact me, we would love to hear from you! See you next month! Lauri keckmann@packersrock.com