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Volume 35, November 2003

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a great fall season! Thank you to Wendy (Cleveland) Siegel for being our sponsor this month! I was notified that we have a great list of sponsors coming up for the future also, cool! Gotta love all the support!

This month we are short on news, happens during the holiday season, but no worries Todd is more than making up for it! Beware…he is raring to go this month! ;))

Our interview is with Ray Wangler and I though I would share this short note about Ray with all of you. My mother did a memory book for my 40th birthday this year. My dad’s memory was all about this little boy who visited periodically next door to where we lived on Ave. D. Seems Ray (the little boy) taught me my very first four-letter word when I was about 6! The story goes something like this. We had received a bunch of snow overnight and when I woke up and looked out the window I commented about all the F&%% snow. My folks, who were in utter shock, asked me where I learned that new word, and I told them "Ray". Boy where they impressed!! They laugh now, but they sure weren’t laughing back then! Thanks Ray, since then I have really expanded my vocabulary, much to my parents dismay! But yeah, I had a really good teacher when I was just a little, little girl!

Happy reading everyone, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! Lauri, Dan, Todd and Wendy

"In-depth and Personal with…Ray Wangler"

Name: Ray Wangler
Career/occupation: Mechanical Engineer, Tesoro Refinery, Mandan, ND.
Home: Bismarck
Family: Two Girls age 19, 14, and a boy age 10
Spouses occupation: Librarian SMCHS Bismarck
If applicable, how did you and your spouse meet?
At a wedding in Hague ND, she was in college at U of Mary and I was in school at BSC.
Greatest accomplishments: Raising a family and providing for them AND convincing my wife to keep me!!
People whom you admire and why: My Dad for his vast knowledge and limited education, my wife for putting up with me when it would have been easier without me, and my children for their ability to grow and succeed when it seems others around them are making it so hard.
What do you have in your pockets: Holes!
Fantasy (or reality) job:
Making good money tinkering in my shop at home.
Latest book you've read: I haven’t read a book in 20 years!
Favorite music/musicians: classical, country, classic rock, anything that’s not a ballad or rap.
Recommended movies: I haven’t seen a movie in 10 years.
Favorite cities and why? Bismarck, ND!! I love the weather, the people, the traffic (or lack thereof)
Where have you traveled? Pretty much across the US and Canada.
Favorite place to vacation? Any place you would recommend? We’ve enjoyed Disney World, Yellowstone and Central Colorado.
Favorite foods: Homemade German Food and some Mexican. Nothing beats a good steak.
Hobbies/second career: Building working models of antique farm equipment, welding, machining, woodworking…etc.
What if any community service organizations are you involved with? Church.
Pet peeves: Negative people, slow drivers, lazy people.
Memories of Bismarck (good ones): Party’s at Volk’s, they were intense.
Memories of BHS (good ones): Mr. Cordova’s Creative Writing class (even though I missed most of it) and Mr. E’s shop.
Who were some of the people you hung out with? Randy Roesler, Tim Stein, Leroy Gross,
Were you involved with any extra curricular activities, if so what? Working at the old B&R Grocery store on west main, it was a pretty fun place to work.
Favorite teachers at BHS and why: Mr. E., Mr. Kranz, Mr. Cordova, Mr. Otto, Mr. Schlitenhart, Mr. Jesser………they all either gave me a laugh or a kick….either way I liked them for something.
Favorite high school hang-outs: Volk’s, main, double ditch, desert, Seratoma park….etc

A little ND humor!

I receive so much ND humor, that each month I will try to share something with you! For some reason only people who live in ND or are from ND can appreciate it or relate to it! Some you may have seen, some not, but heck maybe it will make your day! I promise to keep it clean!

Compliments of Mary Falhsing

One hand on wheel, one hand on horn: Chicago
One hand on wheel, one finger out window: New York
One hand on wheel, one finger out window cutting across all lanes: New Jersey
One hand on wheel, one hand on newspaper, foot solidly on accelerator: Boston
One hand on wheel, one hand on cappuccino, cradling cell,
brick on accelerator, with gun in lap: Los Angeles
Both hands on wheel, eyes shut, both feet on brake, quivering in terror: Ohio, but driving in CA
Two hands gripping wheel, hair barely visible above windshield, driving 35 on the
Interstate in the left lane with left blinker on: ND

Here’s looking at you babe!!

Boy do we have pictures!! Don Nelson has added a couple to his album and Tom Gerhart added a bunch from their trip to Russia, they are in the President Bush album. Also new this month are some pictures from a camping trip that Jay Y, Randy S., Lance B., and Doug Heidrich (St. Mary's 81) took during the summer.


Please remember us when you are taking those family pictures for your holiday cards. We would love to see those pictures uploaded to our ofoto.com site. You can upload them yourself, you can send me a copy via the Internet, or you can send it to me postal mail and I will take care of it for you!


This month our recipe is from Wendy (Cleveland) Siegel. You may not know that Wendy is a caterer, so whenever I am in a pinch, I contact her, and she comes through with something that looks and sounds wonderful!! This recipe is called Coconut Crusted Chicken Fingers. By the way she also said that she served this at a party that she catered for Sara (Anderson) Simon, CHS81, and it was a very big hit!! Hope you enjoy it!

Parenting Pearls or Perils

The following is compliments of Todd Jueth

Pearls of love and logic. Special thoughts on raising kids. The one year Plan

A parents guide to helping children succeed in school.

  1. Remember that parents can’t teach for teachers, and teachers can’t parent for parents. Remember that teachers can’t learn for kids and kids can’t teach for teachers.
  2. Show the same amount of love for your children regardless of their success in school. Show sadness rather than anger when they have trouble at school.
  3. Expect your children to do their share of chores at home.
  4. Spend some time each day talking with excitement about your workday. Your children will want to imitate you and will soon begin to talk about school and their day.
  5. Take turns reading to each other every day.
  6. Have your children teach you something they have learned at school. Do this once per week.
  7. Encourage your children to do things that " recharge their batteries." Encourage them to try many different activities as a way of discovering interests and talents. Remind them that they will build their careers around their talents not their weaknesses.
  8. Expect that your children will study. Allow them to either study by writing the assignments or thinking hard about them for a reasonable amount of time. If they decide to study by thinking instead of writing or reading, have them think of a plan for explaining it to the teacher.

Support the teacher to handle this:

-Don’t fight with your children over homework.

-Don’t fight with the teachers over grades or the consequence for poor grades.

-Tell your children you will love them regardless of their grades or the number of years it takes them to complete each grade.

9. Don’t pay your children for good grades and don’t punish them for bad grades. Be excited about the good grades and sad for your children about their bad grades.

10. Have your children bring home school papers.

-Look at the right answers instead of the wrong answers.

-Don’t correct the wrong answers- Leave this for the teacher.

-Have your children explain the reasons for the right answers.

-If they don’t know, Give them three choices:

  1. You cheated?
  2. You tried hard?
  3. You are getting smarter in that subject?

11. Expect this program to take about one year before you see good results.

Remember that children who have a hard time at school need to get away from it for awhile each day. More homework and problems at home about school won't help.

Don’t complain to the teachers that they should give this child more homework. Use this program instead and you will see amazing results in one year. Fight with your children and their teachers about homework and the problem will still be there in years to come.




Happy Birthday to the following people! This is it, Donna is the very last person to turn 40, from here on out we are all hit 41 or 42! Also, Mark, Dan and Randy are all celebrating the same big day! Dorothy is turning 42!

Donna Harris
Kelly (Weigel) Barak
Tari (Andrusak) Fettig
Lori (Ford) Moore
Wendy (Rios) Bosch
Bob (Buchholz Raber
Jane (Bechtle) Melchoir
Martha Gilchrist
Dorothy (Reisenauer) Kosse
Wanda (Ferderer) Dvorsak
Delilah (Wald) Jamison
Beth (Loos) Johnson
Kelly (Falconer) Johnson
Mark Walker
Randy Fischer
Dan Raszler
Jerry Lantz

We hope you have a wonderful day!



Keith and Nina Remmich -11 years
Ray and Joyce Wangler -15 years
Jane (Bechtle) and Frank Melchoir –20
Brenda (Buechler) and John La Fromboise -22 years

Our sincerest congratulations to all of you!

Prayers of Support

Please remember Scott and Jean Dunn-Gefroh this month in your thoughts and prayers. Scott is having an aortic value replacement in Rochester on November 19th and they could really use the extra support!

Good luck Scott, stay strong, keep the faith and get well quickly!


Todd gives us his view, and he is …..


Compliments of Todd Jueth
Please note: Todd’s views are strictly his own. They are provided for our reading enjoyment and do not necessarily reflect the views of those associated with the Class of 81, it’s newsletter, or its website. Comments sent to me will be forwarded to Todd or you may e-mail him personally at toddjueth@msn.com. Thanks, Lauri

Well, its November and winter has definitely arrived in Bismarck. We have about two inches of snow on the ground and the temperature is suppossed to be only nine degrees on the first day of November. All you classmates reading this from a warm climate; can you relate to 9 degrees? Well I’m ready! I say let it snow and snow a lot!

Due to a deadline for the newsletter I won’t be able to give you the score of the BHS first round playoff game, which is tonight. They play Fargo South in the first rounds of the class AAA football playoffs. Now Bismarck made it thru the season undefeated and have set all kinds of school records. I would have all those records for you but I’m kinda out of my world for this
newsletter. I’m currently off the Internet with my computer and in the process of getting hooked up to cable D.S.L. So, I’m doing my letter from another resource. But next month I will be happy to give you the good news that BHS is the state champs and are undefeated!

In North Dakota we raised our state speed limit to 75 on interstates and 70 on all two-lane roads. Now I was all in favor of it but as it seems and statistics show there will be more highway deaths and that is what seems to be happening. You just seem to read in the paper of more and more people dying on the roads this year. That’s because if you let them go 75 they will do 80, just human nature. And of course the first snow of the year people are going down the roads whatever the speed limit says not taking into consideration that they are driving on a sheet of ice. And then all of a sudden they have to stop and they can’t, because they are sliding at 40 miles an hour and whatever is in front of them is going to get plowed. They forget to use that thing that is four feet above their butt its called a brain.

November for North Dakota means deer hunting and for all of you activists you will be happy to know that we have a deer problem in North Dakota and our game and fish has taken the approach to thin the population. So each person can get up to four deer permits this year if you would like. And 4 is what I have. That will give me ample time to be out in the nature to just
hike and harvest deer. You have to love the outdoors to get the true meaning out of this.

It’s coming up on a presidential election year. Can’t you tell? All of the politicians are out there telling us what we want to hear and of course they will deliver it to us. BULL How many times have we heard about Social Security, health care, prescription drugs, I just get tired of all the jabs taken at our president. Put your self in his shoes. The first year in to his term they blow up the world trade towers, and everybody rallies around our country, we seem to come together as one, but then we start second guessing what our president is doing in Iraq.

It took longer and we had more deaths turning Europe around from world war two than we have had in Iraq. Each death is sad, but it is a liberty to you and I enjoy being Americans. Somebody is out there putting their life on the line for you and I. If you don’t think we should be there I’m here to say your wrong. That is the hot bed for terrorism along with Iran, Siria, Turkey. If we back off now guaranteed you will read about suicide bombers in New York.
It will all come around and we will stabilize Iraq it just needs the support of the American people. Not a bunch of second guessing.

I hope if any of our classmates are out in southern California they are safe from the fires. WOW that is one tremendous fire. If there is any of you out there, would you send an e-mail to Lauri letting us all know what its like, how has it affected your lives. It’s just too enormous for us to imagine.

Be watching the class pictures! You will see Glen Bosch in a dress, with breasts, all decked out for Halloween, it was rather good. We always have a lot of fun with Halloween, we like really decking the house out and down right scaring the kids. We see it as a halloween costume about $15.00, bags of candy about $30.00, making a kid crap his pants because you scared the shit
out of him priceless!

We have been getting a lot of feed back about this newsletter and that is just neat as hell! It’s a place to stay informed about classmates, current events, and just life in general things. Feel free at any time to drop an e-mail about anything you would like to share. Like my section, some things are only my opinion, what does it count for, who knows maybe just reading enjoyment.

We are heading into the hectic two months out of the year, November and December. I can tell you what each week is going to be for me from the first of November to January 15th, sad but true. But you gotta keep all of this holiday stuff in prospective don’t let it get you down step back and enjoy these months for what they are for. Don’t ever try to keep up with the Joneses it’s not worth it and who the hell ever said the Joneses knew where they were going. If you haven’t, do it this year enjoy the holidays don’t let the holidays run you around, do it your way.

Remember if you had too much to drink that’s ok, BUT call a cab its not worth the chance. Too many things can go wrong from point A to B. Drink smart or don’t drink at all. This has been a public service comment from your fellow classmates who do care about each and every one of you. We are all tied together from time because we are the class of 81, like it or not your stuck
with us. You can’t choose your in-laws and you couldn’t choose your classmates.

Hey that’s all I have to say for now. I have to go out and shovel snow. Shoveling is ok for the first 30 times then you start saying I wish this stuff would melt and and it would be summer. I can remember three months ago standing looking at my garden in shorts and sandals sipping on a cold one thinking that in a few months its going to be damn cold and I will be standing here with my parka and gloves shovel in hand. Well here it is today is the day I was thinking of reality sucks some times.

CCCCCCCCCC-ya Todd Jueth


Our sympathies to Myles and Glenn Bosch and their families.
Their mother, Katie Christenson, passed away in Bismarck on Oct. 5.

Our sympathies to Margaret Ensz and her family,
her mother passed away on Oct. 27th. in Bismarck.

New Phone, New E-Mail Addresses, and

New Postal Addresses

Marcus Roehrich, and Derrick Lindemann.
If you would like any of the new info., contact me!

Personal notes:

UPDATE: Those is red have been located! To all of you who sent in correct information, made phone calls, checked alumni books, etc., THANK YOU! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Donald Grenz, everything in the reunion book is wrong
Karen Anderson - ND, ? phone, ? address
Troy Bailey- ? address, no phone
Beth (Nelson) Schumacher- ? address, no phone
James Barth- ? address, phone is wrong in the reunion book,
Paul Mundell- ? address, no phone
Anthony Roll- wrong number
Robin Diede- no phone, ? address, no e-mail
Brenda (Remmick) Baumann- no phone, ? address
Tim Mattis-phone is disconnected
LeAnn (Leben) Holkan- ? address, phone is disconnected
Sandra Schumacher- ? address, no phone
Rita (Ziegler) Keller - ? address, phone is disconnected
David Gelvin-no clues
Eileen Dosch - ? address, phone is disconnected
Laura Gulbrandson-phone disconnected
Wendy (Halpern) Tippett-is the Dallas area somewhere
Penny (Slavik) Meier-phone is disconnected, ? address
Mary (Sweeney) Crompton - phone is disconnected, ? address
Kathy Wilson - no phone listed,
Wade Marsh-in Phoenix, Az, maybe in Mesa, no real clues
Laurie Paul - no phone number, though we do have a confirmation on her address.
Joyce Sperle- ? address, no phone number
Lori Wenger- ? address, no phone number
Jeffrey Conner
Timothy Miller
Timothy Steckler-? address, no phone
Carol Zentner
Richard Hoffman - ? address, no phone
Janet (Cripe) Laudenslager-no phone number
Karla Gallagher-? address, no phone number
David Gregware-? address, no phone
Jim Grenz- no phone number
Carla Hanson - no phone number
Roberta (Hellwig) Rivera - ? address, no phone
Gayle Johnson - ? address, no phone
Marilyn (Meidinger) Lysford - ? address, no phone
Laura Minar - ? address, no phone
Sandy (Unruh) Frieze - no phone
Andrew Prussing -? Address, no phone
Debbie Beston
Marco Brecada
Corrine Feist
Debra (Freadhoff) Berger- ? address, no phone
Jerry Hulm
Charles (CD) Johnson
Pamela Krogen
Brenda Loveless
Carlos Machado
Kelly Meyers
Regina Muncy
Joe Poitra
Theresa Ralston
Susan Scott
Cheryl Sparks
Dennis Thompson
Doug Thompson
Mark Werner
Lorraine White Eagle
Richard Wright

If you guys are reading this could you please get in touch with me! Your addresses have changed, your phone numbers are disconnected, your e-mail boxes are full, or we have no clues on how to contact you!  I am trying very hard to keep everyone in the loop and my information up to date! Thanks very much! Lauri


We are having great fun doing this for all of you every month! We are more than welcome to your ideas! Feel free to let us know your thoughts and impressions on where you would like this newsletter to go or what you would like to know more about! Also, if you are willing to be interviewed, contact us, we would love to hear from you! See you next month! Lauri, Dan, Todd and Wendy keckmann@packersrock