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Volume 47, November 2004

Hi everyone,

Happy Belated Halloween! Hope you had a nice weekend. Are you gearing up for the holidays? They are right around the corner!

Special thanks to Dana (Scheck) Becker, she is our sponsor this month! And special thanks to Tim Mattis and all the others who sent in news! We couldn't do it without you!

Take notice, Sharri (Buck) Huiras sent in the first business link for the web site. Thanks Sharri! All others are welcome, just another great way to have your business on the internet, every link counts!

Holiday wishes are due, you can send them in anytime.

Have a great month, see you in December! Lauri, Dan, Wendy and Todd

"In-depth and Personal with…Tim Mattis"

Name: Tim Mattis
Career/occupation: Owner of Tool and Design Inc.
Home: Breckenridge, Minn.
Family: son (12), daughter(10)
Greatest accomplishments: Seeing my two kids grow into great people
People whom you admire and why:
My parents, how hard they had to work to make life better for my sister and I
What do you have in your pockets: keys and cell phone
Fantasy (or reality) job: pilot
Latest book you've read: The Street Lawyer by John Grisham
Favorite music/musicians: oldies/rock
Recommended movies: I can't remember the last time I went to a movie
Favorite cities and why? Still like going home to Bismarck
Where have you traveled? drove truck for a few years so I've seen most of the 48 states
Favorite place to vacation? Any place you would recommend? Alaska any time of the year and the Caribbean
islands in the winter
Favorite foods: a big old steak
Hobbies/second career:
Fishing and hunting
What if any community service organizations are you involved with? Youth baseball and basketball
Pet peeves: People who are late
Memories of Bismarck (good ones): growing up and just life in general
Memories of BHS (good ones):
actually I was kind of glad when I was done with high school, I know that sounds bad but I had a real desire to get out on my own.
Who were some of the people you hung out with? Tim Nelson, Tim McCrory, Laurie Heimann, Tim and Vickie Schilling
Were you involved with any extra curricular activities, if so what?
My dad farmed and I worked for the parks and Rec. so that didn't leave much time.
Favorite teachers at BHS and why: Larry Pollert and June Helenski, they were/are friends since I was a little kid.
Favorite high school hang-outs:
Schaumberg Ice Arena, Riverwood and any place along the river


Tammy (Pettis) Sine became a Grandma for the 6th time in September
when her granddaughter Grace Abigail was born on 9/16. WOW!


Randy Bailey is a fitness junkie, much like myself.. Below he offers a challenge to all of you! If you have something to contribute, did a great race, took on a fitness challenge, biked a great hill, skied a new mountain, anything, then write up a trip report, we would love to hear how it went. Who knows maybe you will inspire others! Plus, it is kinda cool to "live the ride" with someone who has been there.

Here are Randy's thoughts!

"At work there is group of fitness crazed individuals who hike, ride, run, skate, or ski (etc) nearly every day. As for myself I have become involved in the local biking and hiking culture. Within our ever-expanding group it has become traditional to publish "reports" via email after significant adventures so that we can all vicariously participate from our cubicles. It occurs to me that many of our classmates are on outdoor adventures which may be interesting and informative (i.e. where are the best hikes?). Our reports are brief and usually contain some humors jargon. Here are a couple examples from my own email archives."

MTN: Maah Daah Hey:Medora ND:07/09/04
Riders: Jerry Horner, Brandt Bailey, Randy Bailey

Dad, Brandt, Jerry, & myself hit the North Dakota Badlands on Friday Eve. Dad dropped us at mile 40 (Elk Horn) and we rode to mile 45 (& back) before camping. Trail was in good shape.

Rolled south out of camp at Sunrise headed toward mile 0 (Sully Creek). It had rained overnight and we hit mud about 4 miles from the pickup point. It was DejaVu from last year with chain-suck and 40 pound hike-a-bike up the last two climbs. Some clouds nearby looked threatening and we thought we may have to quit. At the RV we took a long break while the sun and wind did some drying. Cleaned/lubed the bikes, tanked-up, and hit the trail again around 10AM. Trail was in good shape, some low spots were greasy, sun was strong, temps were climbing.

Got to mile 17 around 2 PM where Brandt dropped. Jerry and myself finished the run to the boundary of the North Unit (Natl. Park) and took the Buffalo Gap (BG) trail westward about 8 miles to circumvent the Natl. Park. We rode through a huge Prairie Dog town that had to be a half-mile wide. At the RV Jerry had some minor cramping so he decided to get out of the heat (near 90), I rehydrated and headed out for the final leg. Was still on the BG for another 12 miles, mostly rolling prairie. Crossed under I-94 through a conduit, then over Hwy 10, and rejoined the MDH near mile 2. The final decent to the Little Missouri River was quick (got some air off the water-bars).

The final obstacle was the river, which was swollen from the rain. It was about 50 feet across, the first half looked kinda deep, but the bottom was firm so I took a run for it. Made it about 6ft. The water was over my wheels with a stiff current. I sloshed across on foot, it was tricky just to stand and keep the bike from washing away. Sully Creek (Mile 0) was less than a quarter mile from the crossing.

It was considerably hotter this year. I drank over 400 oz of fluid on Day 2. Not so many ticks, but the flies were out. During the slow climbs out of the moist creek beds the deer flies really got us and were able to bite right through our jerseys and shorts. Meet a total of 3 bikers and 5 horses over the entire ride of 60.3 miles.

HIKE: Mt Shaw:Tuftonboro NH: 10/09/04
Hikers: Danny, Carie, Steve F. Andrea F. Dave Q., Mike M. & Randy
Miles: 8.4
Duration: 5-6 hrs
Best Quote: Mike Marolla "I got a little honked up at the blue trail intersect..."

The hike up the Mt Shaw Trail went-off as scheduled Friday morning. The trail begins pretty normal with a gradual double-track run-up. About 1 mile from the trailhead, the trail becomes a winding single track with varying grades for ~1.7 miles. Some sections are steep especially the last quarter mile, which Steve dubbed the "goat path". The goat path dumps onto a system of well-marked carriage roads 1.2 miles from the summit. These upper roads have a park-like setting, including canopied trees and a smooth gradual ascent.

We detoured over Black Snout overlook. The road was littered with bear poo, so we figure that's why it's called Black Snout (though we thought of some new names along the way). The vista is westward over Winnipesaukee. The Belknaps were clear and you could easily see Gun Stock ski runs. The colors in the lower elevations of the Ossipee Mts below us were surreal. We proceeded over to Shaw peak for an equally splendid view of the White Mts which included Chocura in the foreground with Washington in back-drop. Again the colors in the slopes below us were excellent. Higher elevations are past peak and are actually bare in some areas.

I think everyone liked this hike as it had a wide variety of offerings. The single-track section of Shaw Trail was a nice surprise. Evidently it is not hiked all that much. Shaw Creek is a gem with small gorges, falls and pools. Even the carriage road was fun as it gave us a couple miles to catch our breath and walk as a group.


Lisa (Moser) Kienzle appreciates all the prayers and positive thoughts that are coming her way. Her father continues to battle, and all those prayers are needed!


With the exception of Donna, who is turning 41, everyone else is celebrating their 42nd birthday!
Donna Harris
Kelly (Weigel) Barak
Tari (Andrusak) Fettig
Lori (Ford) Moore
Wendy (Rios) Bosch
Bob (Buchholz Raber
Jane (Bechtle) Melchoir
Martha Gilchrist
Dorothy (Reisenauer) Kosse
Wanda (Ferderer) Dvorsak
Delilah (Wald) Jamison
Beth (Loos) Johnson
Kelly (Falconer) Johnson
Mark Walker
Randy Fischer
Dan Raszler
Jerry Lantz

We hope you have a wonderful day!


Jane (Bechtle) and Frank Melchoir – 21 years
Brenda (Buechler) and John La Fromboise – 23 years
Ray and Joyce Wangler – 15 years
Keith and Nina Remmich – 12 years
Our sincerest congratulations to all of you!

New Phone, New E-Mail Addresses, and

New Postal Addresses

Eric Fernandez and Penny (Berquist) House
If you would like any of the new info., contact me!

Personal notes:

UPDATE: Those are red have been located! To all of you who sent in correct information, made phone calls, checked alumni books, etc., THANK YOU!
Your help is greatly appreciated!

Donald Grenz, everything in the reunion book is wrong
Karen Anderson - ND, ? phone, ? address
Troy Bailey- ? address, no phone
Beth (Nelson) Schumacher- ? address, no phone
James Barth- ? address, phone is wrong in the reunion book,
Paul Mundell- ? address, no phone
Anthony Roll- wrong number
Robin Diede- no phone, ? address, no e-mail
Brenda (Remmick) Baumann- no phone, ? address
Tim Mattis-phone is disconnected
Sandra Schumacher- ? address, no phone
Rita (Ziegler) Keller - ? address, phone is disconnected
David Gelvin-no clues
Eileen Dosch - ? address, phone is disconnected
Wendy (Halpern) Tippett-is the Dallas area somewhere
Penny (Slavik) Meier-phone is disconnected, ? address
Mary (Sweeney) Crompton - phone is disconnected, ? address
Kathy Wilson - no phone listed,
Wade Marsh-in Phoenix, Az, maybe in Mesa, no real clues
Laurie Paul - no phone number, though we do have a confirmation on her address.
Joyce Sperle- ? address, no phone number
Lori Wenger- ? address, no phone number
Jeffrey Conner
Timothy Miller
Timothy Steckler-? address, no phone
Carol Zentner
Richard Hoffman - ? address, no phone
Janet (Cripe) Laudenslager-no phone number
Karla Gallagher-? address, no phone number
David Gregware-? address, no phone
Jim Grenz- no phone number
Carla Hanson - no phone number
Roberta (Hellwig) Rivera - ? address, no phone
Gayle Johnson - ? address, no phone
Marilyn (Meidinger) Lysford - ? address, no phone
Laura Minar - ? address, no phone
Sandy (Unruh) Frieze - no phone
Andrew Prussing -? Address, no phone
Debbie Beston
Marco Brecada
Corrine Feist
Debra (Freadhoff) Berger- ? address, no phone
Jerry Hulm
Charles (CD) Johnson
Pamela Krogen
Brenda Loveless
Carlos Machado
Kelly Meyers
Regina Muncy
Joe Poitra
Theresa Ralston
Susan Scott
Cheryl Sparks
Dennis Thompson
Doug Thompson
Mark Werner
Lorraine White Eagle
Richard Wright


If you guys are reading this could you please get in touch with me! Your addresses have changed, your phone numbers are disconnected, your e-mail boxes are full, or we have no clues on how to contact you! I am trying very hard to keep everyone in the loop and my information up to date! Thanks very much! Lauri


We are having great fun doing this for all of you every month! We are more than welcome to your ideas! Feel free to let us know your thoughts and impressions on where you would like this newsletter to go or what you would like to know more about! Also, if you are willing to be interviewed, contact us, we would love to hear from you! See you next month! Lauri, Dan, Todd and Wendy keckmann@packersrock