The Bismarck High School Class of 1981 tri monthly update

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Volume 62, October, 2006

Happy FALL everyone! Summer is over, for most of us, and winter is right around the corner-yikes! I’m so not ready……

Life is quiet here. The summer was hectic so I’m just starting to settle into a routine and the "quiet" that is associated with having all the kids back in school. Takes awhile, I miss their company and the chaos! So does Kylie, she has spent a few days wandering around the house looking for her big sister and her buddies, no playmates! We will adjust, now it’s my time to enjoy her company and not worry what the rest of the neighborhood kids are up to!

Take care, enjoy the fall, see ya in the New Year!! Lauri, Dan and Wendy


Here’s looking at you babe

New photos have been added at our photo website! Paige (Jones) Allen added two wedding pictures from her wedding on July 1st, and I added a picture of my youngest daughter and our most recent family picture. They can all be found in the album labeled "Classmates, 2006".


On the Road Again……

Some of you have once again made some major moves! Here are the updates.

Jim Joyce has made the move from Beulah, ND to Dickinson. He is now the program director for Clear Channel's Classic Country 1460 KLTC. He tells us that he is still single, loving it, and keeps busy with a son who is now in the 7th grade at Grant County Central, in Carson. His son is playing football this season and Jim is hoping that is the first year of many years of football!

Jay Yeager and his wife are in the process of moving to Billings, MT., and
Scott and Connie (Beierle) Hoovestal have left Florida and are now calling Bismarck home again!

Paula (McGarvey) Buchman and her husband have completed their move to Walnut Grove, MN. She tells us that, yes, that it is the same Walnut Grove from Little House on the Prairie, it's a tiny little town and life is much slower for her than it was in Jordan, MN. She also let us know that her daughter Rachael was home on leave from Iraq, and was grateful to hear that her job in Iraq keeps her on the base all the time.



Wendy Fuller Christy and her husband are very proud to announce the arrival of their granddaughter Kylei Mae. She was born on August 3rd, weighed 7 lbs, was 19" inches and she's perfect! Their daughter Joslyn is doing a phenomenal job and is set to start school in mid-Sept. at a local community college. Wendy said that it is nice to have a baby in the house again, only this time she gets to sleep all night! Unless of course, she is wanted! She also let us know that her son, her "baby", Marshall is starting his junior year this year.

Tammy (Schlinger) Siems
also shared great news! Her son Chad is getting married May 5th 2007 (in the US this time) to Courtney Mittleider from Harriett SD. Chad will also be graduating from college this December with a degree in Hotel, Motel, and Business Management. Tammy also let us know that she is hoping to graduate in May from BSC, and that her finals are the week right after Chad's wedding. (YIKES)

Tammy (Pettis) Sine
and her husband welcomed grandchild number 7 into the lives on September 26th. Her name is Lana Rae, and she is perfect!!!


On The Mend

Roxann (Almer) Giles continues to battle lung cancer. She has now finished her 3 chemo. treatment, and in typically Roxann style she is maintaining a positive, upbeat, and fighting spirit! She THANKS all of you for every card, prayer and positive thought that has been sent her way. They are all greatly appreciated and a day brightener for her and her family. She promises to keep fighting and will keep us posted of how she is doing.

10/06 Roxanne update: Roxanne continues to battle lung cancer. Her recent PET scan showed that the previous chemo was not working the way it should and they have some concerns about some other areas in her lungs. She has now begun a different chemo treatment that is more intense. Keep praying, she is in a major fight for her life and all prayers, positive thoughts, cards and letters are encouragement during the dark days.

Liz (Wicks) Kramer has let us know that her brother Tim continues to heal from his injuries. Liz has let us know that he is getting around really good and has even been aloud an overnight pass to stay with his wife and their sons at the Fisher House. They are all hoping that he will be home by Thanksgiving! Recently Tim also received the bronze star and the Purple Heart, the news story is below.

Sgt. 1st Class Tim Wicks Honored,

This story aired on Aug. 29th, KXMBTV, to view video go to www.kxmb.com and search through the archives.

A Soldier injured in Afghanistan in June gets the honor he deserves...Sergeant first class Tim Wicks has received the bronze star and purple heart. Wicks was given the medals at a special ceremony at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center Monday. Wicks is recovering there.

June 6th, Wicks was injured when an IED destroyed his vehicle. Travis Van Zoest and Curtis Mehrer were killed in the same attack.

Wicks tells his fellow soldiers to be safe...(Sgt. 1st Class Tim Wicks / Injured in Afghanistan) "Continue to drive on and do best you can, everybody there knows I would. If I could get back there before they came home I would. I don't see that happening - but if I could I would be there with them, everyday I think of them. So just keep your heads up, stand proud, do your job."

Wicks also thanked his family both guard and immediate for their support. He gave his wife a bouquet of flowers thanking her for her strength.

Wicks says in early September he'll start putting weight on his legs and try to walk. He's now going through physical therapy strengthening his legs and hips.



Kaye (Bibelheimer) Knudson shared the following…..OK! Here's some news for you! My daughter Maddie Harris, who is 19 and engaged, moved to Fargo on the 28th of August. She will be working this year and has been accepted into Moorhead Technical College in the fall of 2007 in the Dental Assisting Program. Mom is very lonesome already but her 16-year sister Sam has moved right down to her bedroom. We painted over Labor Day weekend and now it's hers!  Sam is also playing volleyball for the Century Patriots! She is right hitter for JV and has down very well playing some varsity! Hard to believe I'm a Patriot fan huh?

Barb (Matejcek) Schmitcke shared news about the new Target in Bismarck. She will be working at the new Target, which is scheduled to open on Oct. 4th at 8:00 am. She also let us know that her son Kevin was asked to help coach the Varsity Football team at BHS and that he is having a great time. It will also look good on his a resume since he plans to minor in coaching. They think it is neat to still be involved in BHS.



Our sympathies to Randy Bailey and his family. His father, Richard Bailey, passed away on July 16, in Bismarck.

Our sympathies to Corrine (McLean) Zerr and her family. Her mother, Barbara McLean passed away on Aug 14th in Bismarck.


October Birthdays

Happy 44rd birthday to Rod Wetsch, Daniel Pavlik, Byron Weichel,
Shari (Janke) Schmidt, and Paula (McGarvery) Buchman.

Happy 43nd birthday to Beth (Wheeler) Greff, Ray Wangler, Laurie (Zacher) Savageau, Kent Kambeitz, Tim Jensen, Mark Peltz, DeAnn (Flowers) Fields, Sheri (Nordstrom) Stastny, Jon Kuehl, Doug Rian, Duane Jahner, and Kent Schock.

November Birthdays

Happy 45th birthday to Dorothy (Reisenauer) Kosse.

Happy 44rd birthday to Kelly (Weigel) Barak, Tari (Andrusak) Fettig, Lori (Ford) Moore, Wendy (Rios) Bosch, Bob (Buchholz Raber, Jane (Bechtle) Melchoir, Martha Gilchrist, Wanda (Ferderer) Dvorsak, Delilah (Wald) Jamison, Beth (Loos) Johnson, Kelly (Falconer) Johnson, Mark Walker, Randy Fischer, Dan Raszler, and Jerry Lantz,

Happy 43nd Birthday to Donna Harris

December Birthdays

Happy 45th birthday to Scott Brandt.

Happy 44rd birthday to Linda (Demke) Dietrich, Carla (Schumacher) Kelsch, Heidi (Krenz) Pflipsen, Paige Jones, Connie (Hoovestal) Beierle, Paula (Springan) Wager, David Spargo, Susan (Wheeler) Trim, Shannon Sailer, Terri Benson, Lew Harter, Kathy (Bailey) Erickson, Laurie (Brady) Wolf, Tim Williams, Christopher Horne, Rhonda (Levin) Mendieta, Kay (Scott) Cataldo, Jay Yeager, LeRoy Gross and Mary (Wolf) Dunn.

We hope you have a wonderful day!


October Anniversaries
Melody (Carlson) and Troy Karlberg -23 years
Bob (Buchholz) and Linda Raber - 21 years
Rob and Wendy Fontenot - 20 years
Julie (Msjolness) and Brent Lindstrom - 16 years
Lauri (Reed) and Kevin Eckmann -16 years
Tammy (Pettis) and Marvin Sine - 7 years
Sheri (Halbakken) and RC Washington -2 years

November Anniversaries
Brenda (Buechler) and John La Fromboise - 25 years
Jane (Bechtle) and Frank Melchoir -23 years
Ray and Joyce Wangler - 18 years
Keith and Nina Remmich -14 years

December Anniversaries
Mary Ann (Glatt) and Bruce Zelmer - 24 years
Pamela (Erhardt) and Charles Doll - 19 years
Derrick and Tracy Lindemann - 19 years
Dave and Karen Horner - 18 years
Kevin and Mary Nelson - 15 years
Maren (Swenson) and Michael Waxenberg - 10 years
Mary (Fahlsing) and Craig Olsen - 2 years
Linda (Sprenger) and Jeff Kurtz - 2 years

Our sincerest congratulations to all of you!