The Bismarck High School Class of 1981 quarterly update

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Volume 65, October 2007

Hi everyone, bummer, school has started, the house is quite, Kylie misses her playmate and I miss my live-in babysitter!  Can we just start the whole season over?   I love having her home all summer.  Oh well, lives moves on, and I will keep dragging my feet, as I want to keep them home forever!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the newsletter!  As always, you did a great job and you always make me proud to be from the class of 1981!!! 

Take care, enjoy the beautiful fall, isn’t it just awesome outside? 
Lauri, Dan and Wendy




Steve Gilbert sent us this career update.

I have switched jobs and am the Director of Operations for Pacific Real Estate Partners, Inc. here in Bellevue, WA.

Website: www.pacific-re.com


Sandy Gross has moved home and has opened a new business in Bismarck, Ambiance Home Décor.  It is located on Broadway Avenue right next to the Dairy Queen.  Owning a business is something she has always wanted to do and moving home gave her a great opportunity!  We wish her well! 

To read more about Sandy and her new business, check out the July/August 2007 issue of Inspire, which is published in Bismarck. 



Lori (Grishkowsky) Pettis send this great news from South Dakota.

I am going to be a grandma!!!  Our daughter Ashley and her husband Chris Tinsley are expecting.  The due date is March 9,
 the day before Ashley's birthday.  We don't know boy or girl yet, but should on next appointment, we are so excited,
 it will be the first grandchild for us, first great grandchild for my parents and the first great great grandchild for my grandma.
 Can't wait to get 5 generation pics, will have to come to Bismarck to do that, since that is where my grandma still lives. 
Pretty much everything else is the same here, the boys are going to their second year of high school.  All jobs are the same etc.”


The following is from Tim Mattis.

“About 18 months ago I joined a company called MagTec Energy based out of Fargo.  At that time we were a start up company
developing a new heating system for the construction industry.  Typical uses are ground thaw concrete cure, and heat for shelters. 
At that time we had one model with an output of 1.5 million BTU's.  We have since added 3 more models from 500,000 to the 1.5 million BTU.
In August we joined forces with Alaska Heater Rentals when they placed an initial order for 20 machines.  At this time our main focus
is the oil field industry in Western North Dakota, Wyoming, and the north slope (Prudhoe Bay) Alaska.  That is were I get to spend my
winter.  To say it’s interesting would be an understatement.  I've been as close to the end of the world as you can get.
We brought a new idea from paper to a sellable product in less then 2 years.  With a little luck we will continue to grow.
You can check us out on the web at: www.magtecenergy.com   Thanks for your hard work with this newsletter.
What a great tool to keep everybody in touch.”


The following is a baby update from Tammy (Pettis) Sine
In the last newsletter, Tammy let us know that she was about to become a grandmother again!  Well, Katelyn was born on 07/05/07 and
Alex (11) was adopted by her son!  That makes a total of nine grandchildren!  Oh, and she also became a great aunt again in
June 2007, to a little girl named Faith.


Connie (Wiedrick) Samuelson sent us the daughter update!
“Tessia made the Western Plains Children's Choir in Minot.  They learn singing techniques; voice, breathing and they get to perform at
some major functions in Minot.  They only selected 40 kids and it was her first time to try out.  The grades are from 3rd to 5th. 
She is quit the singer and really enjoys the performance part.”



Tom Gerhart has added more photos to our Kodak site. 

He has his own album now, it is on the second page, and he has given us a great overview of his life in New Delhi, India.  Check it out!


Brenda (Buck) DiGioacchino and her husband, Jeff recently took a 7-day cruise to Mexico!  They visited the ports of Cabo, Mazatlan and Porte
Vallarta on the Carnival Pride Cruise Ship, she said it was wonderful!  She sent us some photos and they can be found at our Kodak site in the album called Classmates, 2007.    


James Joyce sent us the following update.

My son Jayme is in the 8th Grade and in football at Grant county central in Carson ND.  I can not believe that he is almost as tall as his old man and he has got a set of broad shoulder...that when u put a set of shoulder pads on him he really looks like a linebacker....I am still Program Director of KLTC here in Dickinson.  Lastly, my dad (Robert Joyce) has liver cancer and is not doing to well so if you could pass along a few prayers it would help out a lot.


Well, Julie (Mjolsness) Lindstrom and I have continued to beat the drum for Good Night, Sleep Tight!  I highlighted it in the July newsletter and I have an update for all of you!  This fall I really started to market Good Night, Sleep Tight to the Girl Scouts in my area and as of today, we expect that over 7,500 pillowcases will be donated across SE Wisconsin in mid-January.  Their pillowcases will be donated to over 30 agencies and 1 orphanage in Honduras. 

How cool is that?   


With the support of Quality Resources, Inc. we have even been able to offer it to those who we thought might be able to promote it where they live.  So, hopefully by the next newsletter I will be able to tell you how many states and how many more organizations have taken on the project!  If you are interested in this wonderful community service project for your community, contact me!  Lauri




Jean Walton and Kelly Schafer were married on June 22, 2007 at the Lewis and Clark Riverboat Landing, with the Rev. Donna Dohrmann officiating.  Parents of the couple are Ray and Bernice Walton, Bismarck, and Tom and Gloria Schafer, Dickinson.
Attending the bride was Julie Schirado, Mandan.  Attending the bridegroom was Darin Schafer, Mandan.  The bride is employed with the North Dakota Water Coalition.  The bridegroom is employed with Fisher Industries, Dickinson.  The couple resides in Bismarck.


Paula (McGarvey) Buchman sent us the following on Sherry (Klein) Van Beek’s behalf

Sherry (Klein) Van Beek got married Sat. Sept. 22 to Joe Schmitt at the First Community Church in Bismarck.   Sherry's two son's,  Jesse age 19 and Cameron age 15 walked her down the aisle.  Paula said that Sherry was beautiful and the time of this writing they were honeymooning at the Black Hills, SD. 



Prayers and Positive Thoughts are Needed


Paula (McGarvey) Buchman has let us know that Roxann (Almer) Giles’s lung cancer has returned.  Roxann was in remission over the summer,
but recently she was notified that the cancer is back.  Roxann had surgery about 6 weeks ago, has begun chemo again and the fight to survive is on! 

Phil Leer is also in need of prayers for his family.  Phil’s daughter, Allison, 12, will be having surgery in Oct. to remove a small brain tumor.
At present the surgeon suspects it is a benign tumor, Phil will keep us posted of Allison’s recovery.   

Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers during the long days ahead for both families.

Our Sympathies

Our sympathies to Troy Bailey and his family.   Troy’s father, John Alfred Bailey passed away on June 22nd, in Bismarck.

Our sympathies to Scott and Debbie Carlson and their family.  Scott’s daughter Whitney passed away on July 14th in Fargo, ND.

Our sympathies to Jon Western and Jennifer Urff.  Jon’s mother, Barbara Western, passed away in Bismarck on September, 19th.

Our sympathies to Jean (Walton) and Kelly Schafer.  Jean’s father, Ray Walton, passed away on September 21st in Bismarck.



October Birthdays

Happy 45th birthday to Rod Wetsch, Daniel Pavlik, Byron Weichel,
Shari (Janke) Schmidt, and Paula (McGarvery) Buchman. 

Happy 44nd birthday to Beth (Wheeler) Greff, Ray Wangler, Laurie (Zacher) Savageau, Kent Kambeitz, Tim Jensen, Mark Peltz, DeAnn (Flowers) Fields, Sheri (Nordstrom) Stastny, Jon Kuehl, Doug Rian, Duane Jahner, and Kent Schock.

November Birthdays

Happy 46th birthday to Dorothy (Reisenauer) Kosse.

Happy 45rd birthday to Kelly (Weigel) Barak, Tari (Andrusak) Fettig, Lori (Ford) Moore, Wendy (Rios) Bosch, Bob (Buchholz Raber, Jane (Bechtle) Melchoir, Martha Gilchrist, Wanda (Ferderer) Dvorsak, Delilah (Wald) Jamison, Beth (Loos) Johnson, Kelly (Falconer) Johnson, Mark Walker, Randy Fischer, Dan Raszler, and Jerry Lantz,

Happy 44th Birthday to Donna Harris

December Birthdays

Happy 46th birthday to Scott Brandt.

Happy 45th birthday to Linda (Demke) Dietrich, Carla (Schumacher) Kelsch, Heidi (Krenz) Pflipsen, Paige Jones, Connie (Hoovestal) Beierle, Paula (Springan) Wager, David Spargo, Susan (Wheeler) Trim, Shannon Sailer, Terri Benson, Lew Harter, Kathy (Bailey) Erickson, Laurie (Brady) Wolf, Tim Williams, Christopher Horne, Rhonda (Levin) Mendieta, Kay (Scott) Cataldo, Jay Yeager, LeRoy Gross and Mary (Wolf) Dunn.

We hope you have a wonderful day!


October Anniversaries
Melody (Carlson) and Troy Karlberg -24 years
Bob (Buchholz) and Linda Raber - 22 years
Rob and Wendy Fontenot - 21 years
Julie (Msjolness) and Brent Lindstrom - 17 years
Lauri (Reed) and Kevin Eckmann -17 years
Tammy (Pettis) and Marvin Sine - 8 years
Sheri (Halbakken) and RC Washington -3 years

November Anniversaries
Brenda (Buechler) and John La Fromboise - 26 years
Jane (Bechtle) and Frank Melchoir -24 years
Ray and Joyce Wangler - 19 years
Keith and Nina Remmich -15 years

December Anniversaries
Mary Ann (Glatt) and Bruce Zelmer - 25 years
Pamela (Erhardt) and Charles Doll - 20 years
Derrick and Tracy Lindemann - 20 years
Dave and Karen Horner - 19 years
Kevin and Mary Nelson - 16 years
Maren (Swenson) and Michael Waxenberg - 11 years
Mary (Fahlsing) and Craig Olsen - 3 years
Linda (Sprenger) and Jeff Kurtz - 3 years

Our sincerest congratulations to all of you!